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Express gig not working

I finished 12 orders in less than 4 hours.

But I still haven’t got express delivery on my gig.

I do not know why I haven’t got it yet… and am worried :confused:

Please help me on this.


The amount of days is 1 day.

But I am not able to achieve the express gig :confused:

What are you setting your amount of days as? If you set it at one day, it should go to express, no?

good luck!

And the gig rating is 99%

Does that have anything to do with me not achieving the express gig?

I am sorry but I didn’t understand a thing of what you wrote above haha ^^"

Could you be a little bit blunt and simple? I am not that good at english :smiley:

Reply to @tzezuka: Were you ever late with a delivery for this gig? Even if you delivered in 1 day and 5 minutes, the gig will not be considered Express.

Also, did the gig always have a 1-day delivery time?

Reply to @cheezees: Yes i was late before 30 - 40 orders, but from then all my orders were in a mark of 3 - 8 hours. And It did have 2 days delivery time before these 30 - 40 orders. But it did change to 1 day delivery time a couple of weeks back.

Reply to @tzezuka: If you have a 2-day delivery time and delivery after 1 day but before the deadline, you cannot have it as an Express gig, even if you changed the delivery time to 1 day and started delivering in under 24 hours. There is no way to change a non-Express gig (with more than 1 day delivery) into an Express one.

You are better off making a new gig and keeping it Express. So if you have a 5 day delivery time but always delivered in under 24 hours, you can have it become an Express gig. But once an order is delivered in over 24 hours, even if the delivery is not considered late, there is no chance of making it Express.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I see :confused:

Well thank you! :slight_smile:

I will create another gig and start working on it :slight_smile: