Express label


Hi, i’m new to fiverr.

I created a few gigs, I submited a few of them with 1 day shipping, why don’t I have express labels on them?



Reply to @madmoo: taught me something there Ang I didn’t know you had to deliver 2 for it to appear. Good info to know



altough I do belive that I can deliver some of my gigs in 1 day.

madmoo said:

For the express label to be applied to the gig you need to have sold and delivered two (I think it is) within that space of time. They don't automatically become express until that happens. ALL orders on the express gig MUST be delivered within the 24 hour period.

Are you sure about the 2 delivery requirement?
My gig(s) became express right after the 1st delivery


Reply to @madmoo: New things to learn everyday. Let’s test this out, you create a gig and I will create a gig. Let’s buy things off each other. Just kidding


Reply to @madmoo: You are in a monopoly, my dear friend. People will need you, not matter what! (you are that good)

For small sellers like myself, we need to stand out from the crowd. Market is too concentrated


madmoo said: I'm not sure that's entirely true - most of my gigs are pretty unique, but people often think they don't need them.

X runs a restaurant. X wants a spaghetti written logo.
X searches for a spaghetti logo on Fiverr and finds only one person doing it.
X has to get it done at whatever cost and therefore X orders the gig.

X also needs a menu designed. X searches for menu card on fiverr.
X sees a lot of results. X needs to get it done quickly so X orders the first gig.

That's just my opinion though. You are unique, therefore you are outstanding.
I am offering common services, that's why I'm earning a few bucks.
You can call me a less creative person. :p

madmoo said: From what I've seen and heard though, you're doing a great job.

Why, thank you! I am glad people think I am.