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EXPRESS status will be LOST if someone requests modification after 2 days?

We have been managing the EXPRESS status on most of our gigs for quite a while now, and many of them having thousands of orders completed.

Although we never failed to deliver anything within 24 hours, we lost the Express status and the average delivery time on a gig was changed to “2 days”. Tried to contact support staff about this and we were told that the average time is calculated not based on the delivery time but based on time of delivering modified work.

That is, if we delivered a gig in 2 hours, and the buyer did not respond for 2 days and rejected/requested modification after 2 days, we will lose the EXPRESS status

Is that fair at all? Any advice from fellow sellers or buyers?

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A quick reply appreciated

I don’t think that’s fair at all! In my business, we always joke that clients say “Send me a proof immediately so I can ignore it ASAP!” Status you’ve earned honestly shouldn’t be revoked due to a buyer’s delay.

Reply to @mystic_insight:

I believe that this has been reported several times, and they had updated the policy to fix it, but it seems it is edited again. I had sent the link and the screenshot [attached] to the support staff, and I was told that it was a mistake and has been edited

Not sure what is going on, it showed as EXPRESS for a couple of hours and then shown as “2 days”. I believe Fiverr is having some serious issues/bugs