😑 Outside Users "Warning" Me


This has happened three times now over the past month or so.

Although I love working on Fiverr, I recently branched out to another platform as well where I figure I can take on bigger projects and long-term work. Since doing that, however, a few people have tracked me down by photo/username from that platform, found my matching profile here, and sent things like:

“Did you know someone is stealing your profile on _________?”
"I think this person is using your info without your permission: __________…"

I have thanked each of them for their diligence while politely confirming that no one has stolen anything, but it makes me wonder why anyone would really bother going through all that trouble.

I’ve never dealt with this before as I’ve worked exclusively on Fiverr for years now. It’s kind of nervewracking and I wonder if it’s going to lead to some sort of confusion about having “outside contact” with users even though they’re coming to me to ask.


Don’t worry about it. It is of no consequence. People do strange things like that all the time. I get reports sometimes like that of people letting me know someone somewhere copied me. I ignore them.


I am new, so feel free to disregard my advice, but perhaps you could mention that you also work at ____ in your bios. That way the users know that someone is not stealing from you, it is just your other profile.

I think they are just concerned that your hardwork might have been ‘stolen’ by someone else. I honestly don’t see much of a problem unless I am misunderstanding your question and it is the whole “tracking down” thing you are worried about?


According to the Terms of Service which can be found at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you are not allowed to share contact details outside of Fiverr so could not put that in a profile description.


Alternatively, if it disobeys the Terms of Service on this site, but not the other, you could mention it there? Or vaguely mention you use another platform.


Working on Fiverr is basically the dogs dinner of a CV mention.

Just don’t mention it in future and you will be fine.


Most sites don’t allow users to link to competing websites. Fiverr definitely does not. :slight_smile: