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😑 "Please do not report me!" (AKA: It continues)


You would think this would make it obvious…

…but apparently not to everyone:

Of course, if they’re too lazy to do their own work, I should expect they’re also too lazy to read one sentence.


Dear oh dear…


Sorry for you, the dreaded cancellations and people should read, for sure, before ordering. I think you should blot out the name at least, though, it´s not that rare and together with the rest might be pretty identifiable info.


This makes me sad. It’s an interesting topic and easily researched on the internet too. I’m not sure if fiverr would do anything to someone who requests this.


At least it looks like they felt some shame in the end.

Also, I like your method of avoiding the bots that take down Gigs for NOT violating things that aren’t actually against the ToS but apparently are…