Expressions and views are not increasing, why?


It have been three days since My Expression stats against gigs changed. Two other seller told me the same thing that expressions did not increase in last three days. Is there any problem going on in Fiverr platform?

Looking forward to listen a quick response. Thanks


Ok: a quick response, as requested…

Don’t focus your energy and emotions on impression and views. Don’t get worked up about things you cannot control. Focus on getting sales, promoting your gig elsewhere online and off, and making sure your gigs are of top quality. You can control the presentation and promotion of your gigs. You cannot control the impressions and views in Fiverr’s online catalog of services.


It’s not about Fiverr’s control. It is a bug that everyone in their Gigs have zero impressions since 4 or 5th january.


Whether it’s a bug or not, my comments remain the same. Don’t focus your energy and emotions on impressions and views. Sales are the only statistic that truly matters. Sellers cannot control who looks at their gigs and when, so don’t get worked up about that changes in those stats. Just keep delivering high quality work, and leave the impressions and views to work themselves out on their own.


I notice you keep saying that across the forum, but here is a reason impressions are important. We need them working properly so we know which gigs are being noticed and which are not so can either switch them out or make changes to them. Without impressions working, you don’t really know what works or what doesn’t and can’t improve sales.


This has been stated on the forum many times, but here we go again. One, @jonbaas is correct that stats don’t mean much in the short term.

Second, when this happens to quite a few people at once it is usually due to a normal system process. It is usually caused by the statistics reporting system being reset and you’re getting impressions, views, and clicks, the system just isn’t reporting it. It should start reporting normally again in a few days. If not, then contact Customer Support, but overall this has no harmful effect on your gigs.


That’s certainly a valid perspective. And yes, impressions can be a useful stat in those regards. However, my point is, don’t rely upon impressions to be the be all, and end all of gig success.

Clearly, we, as sellers cannot control who sees our gigs, and when. And clearly, those impression stats aren’t always accurate (as this present site issue indicates). What we CAN control is what they see. So do your promoting, use impressions as an auxiliary stat, but don’t reply on impressions to dictate the value of your gig.

If a gig isn’t selling, THAT should be your strongest deciding factor. Just like in a grocery store (or any retail store for that matter)… customers can walk past a product on a shelf, and see it – that would be an impression. What matters is whether they buy that product or not. If customers buy the product, great – you’ve found a marketable product that people want. If they don’t buy that product, all of those products eventually get removed from the shelf and are no longer sold in that store.

Impressions just tell you that people SAW your product/gig. That’s all. It doesn’t tell you what people THOUGHT about that product. You want to know what people think about your product, not that they were walking by the shelf and saw it sitting there.

Sales and messages about that product determine the value of that product – or gig – on the open market. That is what is most important.

Impressions are just a number. A relatively low-value stat in the grand scheme of things.


Not to be mean but if you think you can’t control views & impressions, you obviously don’t work in marketing :smiley:


My gig stats have been frozen for almost a whole week now… bit annoying!


Oh, I’ve been working in marketing for a long time. I am quite familiar with the business.

I take a more practical and proactive approach to the topic. Especially here on Fiverr.


@fonthaunt and @jonbaas I guess this issue have been reported more than thousand people. And thousand people are very important when they are using your Platform, If Fiverr knows about it, don’t you think they should send an email to everyone that system is being upgraded or something. Because a normal seller like will have an heart attack if by all means my gig isn’t showing any graph :smiley:
I hope this problem is going to be solved soon.


Yes there is a bug in impressions and views. The staff is aware of it and is working on it.


thank you @misscrystal :slight_smile:


same issues in my all gigs


Well, I am also experiencing this same problem, with all my gigs.
All of the statistics have gone to zero since the 4th of January, I can’t find my gig anymore in the high rating category which I have maintained for close to a year, and I barely seem to make new sales anymore. I only receive messages from my regular buyers.

Contacted customer support, they replied that it’s a bug affecting ‘some’ accounts, and that I am actually getting impressions and gig views.

To me, I don’t think I am.


I don’t know may be they meant 99% accounts by ‘some’ :confused: 10 days and they are still not able to fix the bug.


I’m glad to hear it is a temporary issue. Is there an estimate of when the issue will be resolved?


I use my gig stats to determing why sales are slow. Noticing the impressions dropping by 3-5k is often the reason I stop getting messages from that gig. Granted , it comes back up on it’s own … but right now as a new seller… I have no idea how it’s performing. I hope they give us some official news on it soon.


Yeah been well over 2 weeks for me… sigh, Fiverr, Fiverr…


i have the same issue too. and for the past one week, i have not gotten just one new message from a new prospective buyer