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Extend contact after job completed

I have just finished the original bit of work I was doing for my first client but there might be more in the future. Do I click on “Deliver Now” and if I do will I still have access to the conversation so that he can give me more later on?


As soon as you are done with the particular job, you have to deliver it by clicking on the ‘DELIVER NOW’ button…don’t forget the time is counting down

You definitely still have access to the conversation…but whether the client would or not give you more jobs later is not for you to decide…it is based on client’s decision.

But you could buy the heart of a client by delievering a very perfect job, and ontime.
Also by giving clients relatively friendly price and discounts when neccessary…this will make them want to come back to you.

Congrats, and keep up the good work.



O good. I though that would be the case but wasn’t 100% sure. I know there will be more sometime once I have BitBucket access

Hello, what is BitBucket access? You have some very interesting gigs! You will do well here.

As we have discussed many times here on the forum, it is never a good idea to put “unlimited revisions” in your gigs. You will be strictly held to that indefinitely even after the gig is completed and reviewed, for weeks, months or years, at the whim of the buyer.


I have now clicked on “Deliver now” so hopefully I won’t be getting any more email reminders :slight_smile:
BitBucket is a way of sharing code between people in a team so you don’t end up overwriting each other’s changes. I have done ok on Bark and Bidvine and PeoplePerHour so hopefully I will on Fiverr.


The job has nothing to do with any of my Gigs - I think he said it was recommendation by someone which surprised me as it is my first one on here


edit: I do see it was a job on fiverr. Just thought for a minute it might be the scam messages new sellers get. However this sounds ok.

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@knutsford, Welcome to the Fiverr Forum! It is good to see someone else of retirement age working here.

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Nearly if you mean State Retirement age which will be next January. I doubt we are the only ones. I am on Freelance forum where quite a lot of us IT people seem to be 60+


They changed the State retiremenet age in the UK a few years ago. It used to be 60 but now I have to wait to 66. I am part of the Generation that got caught and have to wait an extra 6 years


I am 68 now, soon to be 69. I am using the proofreading skills I learned as an English teacher.

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