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Extend Delivery Time Wrong shown

I have a one issue I delivered an order to the buyer on 1st oct 2018, He sends me revision today I asked him to extend the delivery to 4 days after he accepted the request on Counter it shows 1 day remaining on my desktop but on my mobile fiverr app it shows 4 days remaining is it a bug?

Nope… It’s based on the original deadline’s timeframe. So, if it was due on Oct. 1 and you asked for an extension of four days, with three days’ passed, you only get 1 day now before it’s considered late. Hope that’s clarified for you.

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I think If you clear you cookie you would get your solution.

Cheer YOU!

Thanks @emeraldawnn it means if i want to add more 4 days now i send him extension request of 7 days right?

no brother i try already its not worked see above comment of @emeraldawnn its based on original deadline thanks

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Yes… that’s right! Good luck.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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