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Extended Absence

I had to be away for several months due to unforeseen and demanding health issues. I live alone and had no one to monitor my Fiverr account, so several projects were marked incomplete. Prior to that I had and excellent rating, and I’m ready to jump back into the workforce. Because of the canceled projects, my rating dropped. Is there a way I can show documentation of my circumstances to regain my good standing?

Send this question to Customer Support. I’ve also wondered what happens in an emergency when you can’t be at the computer and sales are piling up. There should be a plan in place somehow for such things.

Please let us know what they say.

Will do; thanks.

Yeah I agree. Get in contact with customer support and tell them the situation. Surely they’ll understand if you were unable to complete orders because you were sick.

Support said they made a one-time exception for the ratings, but cancellation rate and delivered on time aren’t changed. I think that’s very fair.