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Extended Completion Date for Gig Multiples


When buyers have the option to order multiples of your gig, how come there is no way to extend the completion date on those? It would be helpful if the completion date would be able to be adjusted for these or automatically extended.


I was thinking the same thing, I have a turn around of 10 days on my family tree gig and if the client wants the maternal and paternal sides started they have to order the gig twice, however the turnaround is still 10 days, to me it should turn into 20 days


Exactly. If someone orders 8 photos from me to retouch and I have my gig set at a 2 or 3 day completion, there’s no way I can get 8 photos done in 2 days. I usually make my buyers aware when this happens and let them know that I wouldn’t be able to get their entire order done in 2 days and they’re understanding of that, but there should definitely be a way to extend the completion on these types of orders. I’m also not sure if late orders affect your gig even if someone doesn’t leave negative feedback.


Interesting concept and that would be we would have to change the way the express gig would work as well I guess?


yes, “CHANGE, We can believe in” :smiley:


Getting this changed would be a big plus. I have had problems with this as well and in some cases buyers take advantage of this to get orders quickly, knowing you cannot extend the time.

I recently had one buyer order ten video gigs at once, even though I had informed him I couldn’t do that many in the time frame specified. I asked him to make multiple orders and stagger them over a few days. he said he would and then placed them all at once and I had to drop everything I was doing to complete them as he used the threat of cancellation.

This is a real issue because no matter how much you take into account how long one or two orders will take, if you are doing complex gigs it can be impossible and even if you place instructions on the order page people are ignoring them and on purpose.

Ideally there would be an option for gig multiples where you put plus one or plus two days etc, like you can with gig extras and this would save everyone a huge amount of stress and would work for a better buyer experience as well.


Reply to @madmoo: yes I agree with what you say about that is the same as getting getting several orders but that is not the issue here. I put on my order page to contact me if they require over a certain number of orders, multiple or otherwise, but people just ignore it and no matter how you try and take this into consideration, at the moment there is not much you can do, other than extending the delivery time for a single gig to such an extent that no one will want to order off you!

Taking your example above.

If someone places four orders on the same day that’s no problem and I can do that as I have taken into consideration getting a certain number of orders day and reflected this in the delivery time, and also asked people to contact me if they need more than a certain number, but they are ignoring this. If four people place ten orders each then its going to be. Danger, danger, system overload!

The point you make about buyers not being able to see the “real” number of orders in the queue is valid and I have had people doing exactly as you have said in this scenario, question how many I have when all they can see is the tip of the iceberg.

The problem here though is that in many cases people just will not message you, they just go ahead and place multiple orders and this is what I think needs to be addressed as it means being pushed into rushing orders and that’s not good for us, the sellers, or the buyers either.


Reply to @madmoo: I have had the same thought madmoo regarding the “same as getting several separate orders on the same day” argument. But what if you could also have deliver times vary based on the number of orders in the queue… it could be an advanced setting or something that we could fill out just like days to deliver.


@markp: That would be a good idea. An option for gig multiples with time completion adjustment would be a good idea. It’s helpful for gig extras so I don’t see why something couldn’t be added for people ordering multiples at a time

@madmoo: A lot of people never message me prior to ordering even with ordering multiples. I can see what you’re saying with ordering one at a time, but looking at it realistically, if we were usually getting so many orders per day we would adjust the gig completion time. It’s usually not everyday in which one person orders 10 at once, at least for me.

And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the option in which somone can send multiple files over at a time. It’s extremely helpful for me and my buyers as well. It’s just I think there’s a better way regarding time completion on these and ordering queue :slight_smile:


And that definitely brings up a seperate issue with orders in the queue. They don’t always reflect the real number of orders because of multiples ordered, which is a little bit of an issue too.


Normally what I have to do to get around this issue is I have to ask them to buy a gig extra that will be equal to the price of them buying the gig several times over (and instead of actually buying the gig multiple times). With the gig extra feature you get to pick how much longer that’ll take and boom instant extension and relief!


But Some buyers are there they are fair enough to extend time themselves to support the sellers to finish the job…Well…that can be arranged only with Good buyers… :slight_smile: <:-P