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Extended delivery time

Hello Family,
Please help me, I’m confused right now.
A buyer I sent a request to 28th of April, ordered my gig yesterday 11th of May and the project will end in 24hours.
He provided information for the project which include the email and password required for the project. The information he provided was incorrect.
I tried to communicate with him, he’s offline.

The delivery currently remains 13hours, I used the resolution centre to extend the delivery time, but I don’t understand why the time is still ticking.
If the time is still ticking,won’t it be a late delivery and how can I avoid it.
What should I do now?


wait for the buyer, tell him details, waiting for response then send time extend request

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I have! 4hours remaining and he’s still offline. I hope he accepts soon. Thanks for your response.

The time on the order will continue to tick away UNTIL the buyer replies to your time extension request. Keep in mind, the buyer does NOT have to agree to a time extension, but, in my experience, most times, they will. Especially if they have not provided the information needed to complete an order.

I had this situation happen with a regular buyer of mine this week - they left out a key part of what I needed to proceed, so, I asked for a time extension, and, as life would have it, they didn’t come back online and the order went LATE. They did come back on before it went VERY LATE and did the extension. As long as your buyer agrees to the extension you will not be penalized as far as delivery time - as the time will reset to the NEW delivery date.


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Thanks so much for this piece, it was timely.

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