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Extended order auto-complete period during the holidays

Ok, so frankly, this pisses me off. Fiverr has decided to extend the auto-complete period during the holidays to 7 (SEVEN!) days! It was done without any prior notice as far as I can see and means that they, in their good holiday spirits, decided to withhold our funds even longer.

I have no problem with them withholding funds for 14 days after an order is completed, just so that’s said. But then you add the three days for the auto-complete to happen on top of that (unless the buyer manually completes the order), and you have a 17 day waiting period from the time you deliver until you get paid.

Now, they are adding another four days to that, making the total potential waiting time 21 days.

This frankly pisses me the hell off - most of all, because I didn’t get a prior notice about this.

I make my living here on Fiverr, and I plan accordingly when I receive orders. I have a schedule of when to complete my orders and a schedule on when I withdraw funds. I’m doing this to pay my bills on time and put food on the table for my family.

Some holiday spirit, I must say!



“so they can enjoy their time with family and friends to the fullest” - if they want to enjoy their time, they would not order in this period if they don’t have time to deal with orders, for crying out loud. And there are also those buyers who provide incomplete info, then disappear “to enjoy their time” and leave us hanging.


Did you get any official notification of this? Is this even just for the holidays or is this a stealthy way of Fiverr rolling out a new way to screw sellers year-round?


@cyaxrex via email, and Fiverr notification popup:

We would like to grant your buyers more time to review their deliveries during the holiday period so they can enjoy their time with family and friends to the fullest.

Therefore, we’ve exceptionally extended the period for buyers to review deliveries from 3 to 7 days before we automatically mark the order as complete.

This change applies only to orders delivered between Dec. 23rd to Dec. 31st.

Happy holidays!


Again, if they want to enjoy their time, they would not order in this period if they don’t have time to deal with orders - how is it our fault that they order right when the holidays kick in and then disappear on us?

And WHY NOW after 10 years of previous holidays without this delay?!

P.S. no, no, no, no!!! I was counting on the 3 days with a fishy buyer, now I risk a hell of a nightmare during the holidays! Glad the buyers are enjoying their holidays, while we live in fear of Christmas “revision requests”!


They’re so thoughtful. It’s just a shame that sellers now also can’t be allowed more time to budget for how they will pay their rent in 2020.

Let’s hope no one relies on Fiverr to pay for kids medical bills or the like. I can already imagine a slew of memes showing Micha Kaufman turning off Tiny Tim’s life support machine, as he’s watched over by the spirits of IPO’s past, present, and future.


I, myself, was counting on some money to come next week, now I won’t see it :rage: :sob: They don’t even care if you’re TRS, PRO and whatnot - everyone thrown in the same Grinch-bucket.

Fiverr turns into Grinch and ruins sellers’ holidays - yay! Once again, showing us how much they really care about the sellers and how much they truly care about the buyers…

*switching playlist from Christmas spirit to depressing holidays*


Exactly. This is unbelievable! Not a single thought for us sellers. Some of us still work during the holiday season. Seems to be very important to let the buyers “enjoy their holiday to the fullest”, even if it means screwing over the sellers.

@cyaxrex - Yes, the notification was given just after I delivered an order.


And if they prioritize time with their families this holiday, they wouldn’t place orders right now before Christmas!

All of us making a living here on Fiverr will probably have to suffer the consequences of this bright new idea.

I rely on the income from Fiverr to pay for food for my family.

I hope this turns into a shitstorm for Fiverr, because they didn’t have a single thought about us sellers when they did this.

I would be fine with this if they let us know a month ago!


Fiverr’s also acting like a bit of an un-woke Grinch. After all, since when does Fiver only serve Christians who celebrate Christmas? Why weren’t order completion times extended over Ramadan this year? Or Eid? Or Chinese New Year?

If I was a social justice warrior, I’d say this smacks of straight white Christmas privilege. :thinking:


Heck, even a warning a few days before would have sufficed - I just delivered 4 orders today and BOOM, “you’re toast for the holidays!”

Exactly! Religious discrimination in our face! Sounds like Christian sellers being punished to be honest.


Oh no, it gets even worse. Re-read this part:

This change applies only to orders delivered between Dec. 23rd to Dec. 31st.

So if I deliver on the 31st, I’ll have to wait 7 days for an order to be marked as completed even though New Year and the holidays will have long been over!!


And combine this with the fact that the banks are closed for a large portion of the holiday as well, some of us had actually made PLANS for withdrawals and transfers etc.

Now I guess I have to explain to my landlord why I can’t pay my rent in time, and explain to my wife that we’re gonna have to eat less this holiday because we’re gonna be broke if we enjoy ourselves too much.

When it comes to all the SJW arguments - please, don’t let us go there. I hate that kind of thing. Bad enough that Fiverr decides to ruin christmas for it’s sellers, so we don’t have to contribute by becoming SJWs as well.


I think they got the idea from Amazon offering extended return deadlines on all purchases. But that is so people can have more time to return gifts.


So someone orders gig on Christmas day and we need to deliver in 1 or 2 days, but yet again, buyers have week to check for it. What about sellers? Oh yeah, nobody cares about them


I get the idea behind this and I’m even kinda ok with the concept behind it.
However, what annoys me is that there’s no notice given until someone delivers on the day this starts? That’s just silly and if this was a last minute thought by someone then surely they should have been patted on the back and told

“Yes Jim, great idea, let’s do that next year as clearly making a change to our Terms of Service on a point that has stood unchanged for 10 years with no notice would be ridiculous and unnecessary. Neither sellers or buyers will expect this so it’s unlikely to even make a real difference to buyers and will simply annoy sellers! But good stuff - if you are thinking of celebrating Easter with something similar then get the suggestion in by the end of next month so we can make it official in a time period that will actually be useful to buyers and so sellers can plan around it”.

As someone who is happy to point people to Terms of Service and also assert that we aren’t Fiverr employees when some argue about Fiverr actions, this really annoys me.
Don’t make big changes to ToS without telling people in advance. Don’t treat us like employees who have to just accept that the Christmas party is cancelled or whatever. Have a little respect for the rules you have set in place and the way we work together or it’s going to come back to bite you on the ass (the one that took Mary to Bethlehem obviously).


Less days of complaining about it this way.


Less reason to complain if given some notice.
I mean there is potential that if Buyers knew this, then they might not put off purchases from the past week or two which would be a positive for Sellers. Right now there isn’t really anything positive about it.


I’m sure there would be complaining either way.


And of course I’m going to see buyers come online every day during the holidays (because some don’t celebrate these particular holidays), even after they have long downloaded their deliveries, but some will never leave reviews and so I have to wait 7 days because they don’t like to leave reviews.

Unfortunately this never happened and will never happen (the a$$biting), for it’s been said over and over across the years and here we are, here they are, nothing’s changed.


Specifically here I’m referring to treating sellers like employees.


Do the drivers set their own hours? Are they supervised at all? Are they told how to do their jobs by a manager? Do they set their own prices? Those are key elements to determine if we are employees or independent contractors.

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