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Extended order auto-complete period during the holidays

I don’t want to give them that opening. :smile_cat:


I’ve done that a few times in my years on Fiverr and I can tell you that almost always there’s going to be a change of heart along the lines of “it’s great, But…” or “thank you! I have a few questions…” :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. They need to just accept it and stay silent. So all we can do is wait out the time. :mantelpiece_clock:


Like someone heard my words, guess what the new 7 days auto-complete change brought me?

Revision request for being ‘Christmas time’, which wouldn’t have happened had the order been marked as complete after 3 days as it should have. Heck, I haven’t had a revision request for years since I don’t offer any!

Now the order will probably complete sometime next year and gone are the money form it till then.

Look how one simple bad move can ruin someone’s holidays!


Some of y’all really love the taste of boot.


Looks like the clients are enjoying both vacations and the feature at their fullest.
Never seen such a ratio of accepting an order and leaving the order to be automatically marked as complete. Maybe it’s only happening to me? :thinking:


All looks normal for me regarding that, but I just had two buyers asking on the same day for additional work (that isn’t covered by their ordered gigs/custom offers) for no good reason, and the weird thing is that both are regular customers who never did that before. Might be a coincidence, of course, or that 7 days autocompletion Christmas gift inspired them to ask for another gift? I don’t know. :wink:

Ah, all those awesome character-building challenges you need to deal with as a freelancer, even during major holidays and “between the years”, aren’t we a lucky bunch …


…or that some didn’t really enjoy their Christmas time and came back as power-sucking villains :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, now where’s my Batgirl costume, I need a new profile pic before I’ll reply to them. :bat:


We are in the 7 days autocompletion tunnel now:


There’s light in that tunnel, but it seems all black at the end of it :thinking:


Yes but it’s very long.


Yeah I did find this a little bit surprising. I’m sure there are people on Fiverr who rely solely on Fiverr’s income and need their bills paid on time, etc.


My question- why not extend other holidays versus just the Christmas season- why not Boxing day for Canada, why not July 4th. The timing stinks, the immediate notice stinks and yes, we are subject to the Terms of Service. What is really at stake here is $, by keeping funds for another 7 days, closer to the end of the year stats, FIVERR gets to make money on the interest & show a better profit for whatever is happening in 2020.

why not extend other holidays versus just the Christmas season-

Well, Boxing Day is December 26th, which is within the time they’ve set, so that was a poor example. July 4th because that’s not a special holiday for most people, even Americans. People worldwide are doing a lot of shopping at this time. Say what you want but Christmas is one of the most global holidays where heavy consumerism is involved.

show a better profit for whatever is happening in 2020.

Fiverr is public, so it can’t do anything to change the numbers based on how long they hold our money. Besides, what they have to return to sellers isn’t profit. It’s more like debt.

Money isn’t at stake since everyone will eventually get what they’ve earned. Was it handled poorly? Sure. But the presumed rationale on the part of some people doesn’t make any sense.

I have 2 big orders from the regulars who never mark orders complete themselves. Now they just hang there having all the power to turn a meh month into a good month revenue-wise and it’s more irritating than I’ve anticipated.


It’s like we’re on vacation money-wise yet we are still working the same as ever. But nothing is coming in.


I really wish I had gone to the forum before I delivered a big order. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed that my sellers log in soon and complete them in time for me to withdraw before my car payment is due.

I had one new client accept my order immediately but my longtime regular client has done nothing, so that order is stuck deep down in the tunnel.


In the tunnel time moves so slowly. It’s a strange place.