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Extending Buyer GIG time

Any one tell me the procedure how to extend buyer GIG time to avoid cancellation of orders. It is a custom offer GIG that values 110$. Thank you

This is done when you send your buyer the custom order, other wise, once it’s purchased there is no such thing as extending the time.

The only solution is just what @oldtrixie said. Let the buyer know the reason for a later delivery and why. Also you may add a little perk for your late delivery, like an extra revision or 100 more words to your article (whatever it make be!)

Best of luck!

You only can do this when you are sending custom offer set the time that is required by you to complete the job.

But once you have sent the offer and offer is accepted by the client you cant increase the days in it.

If the request is not accepted yet just withdraw the offer and send it again with new number of days.

Just notify your buyer that it will take a little longer and tell them why. Once you’ve done that when Fiverr sends the buyer a message that the gig is late and ask them if they want to cancel the gig they won’t cancel it. I am a buyer and I don’t mind if the gig is late, but it is also considerate for the seller to let me know that it will be late and why.
I understand that some gigs are time sensitive, those will always be cancelled because they are need by a certain date.

Thank you all