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Extending Delivery Time

Hey guys,

So I just contacted a buyer to agree on a gig and the amount of time that we agreed on is much more than the amount of time I have put on the gig. He ordered 5 gigs for the work he needs to be done, but the delivery time is still the one that I have put for one gig. How can that time be extended so I do not get negative feedback?

Thank you

Did the buyer respond to you?

As long as the buyer responds and you send something, even a note before the delivery due date, you should be fine to then send the buyer the work after.

There is no way to actually extend your delivery time in the system. What would happen if 15 people ordered 1 gig each today?

In the order tab, send your buyer a custom extra for $5 and choose the time you want to be added to the order :slight_smile:

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Hey mark,
Can I ask you - if I send a custom extra does the buyer have to accept or they can only accept the initial offer if they do not want the extra?

Reply to @mariabouli: custom extras can only be created inside an active order (so buyer has already accepted it).
For every custom extra you decide to offer, buyer can decide to accept it or not: extra time attached to the extra is granted ONLY when buyer accepts it, so be careful…

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Thank you for your help :slight_smile: