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Extending gig timeline?

I have one buyer who has pretty complicated gig requests - we have a good relationship, and he understands that the work for his requests take extra time than the usual gig allows for.

Is there a way to mutually extend the timeline of a gig’s due date? I want to keep it short for other buyers (and for appearances on the gig page), but for this one buyer in particular, sometimes the gig goes on and on and it looks like I am “20 days late,” when really we have a mutual understanding that this is OK.

Any advice?

Unfortunately no. I have similar issue, and I also got several gigs late because of this.

You can ask him to not write anything on order page - so his order is “incomplete” - and you can communicate through messages. He would then activate the order when it’s ready to be deliver. :slight_smile:

Ah! There we go - thanks :slight_smile: