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Extending the delivery time - Will I be late?

The buyer was not responding after asking for which version to choose. I requested to extend the delivery time but the system says that the buyer has 4 days to respond, while the order ends in 1 day. Will I be late if the buyer still does not respond? What should I do?

Screenshot_2020-09-08 Fiverr mogician_301 Orders management Status of your order FO4934583941(1)

Hi, a had the same issue twice…the most important thing is going faster to The resolution Section and ask to buyer for more days (put at least 5 more for extention), you never know how long time it takes to buyer shows up! Insist and send some messages (obviously with a gentle tone) and explain the situation. Because, if her/him accept, but the time is still short, for the system you’ll still be late. I’m NOT an EXPERT, just trying to help you in my experience, because I know how do you feel right now. Best wishes

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Thank you for sharing your experience!
I decided to deliver the work first with a preliminary version. And kindly asked the buyer to continue the development after they come back online. I hope they won’t mind!

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