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Extending the Time to Deliver

I’m not sure which category to put this in, but I’ve seen other people with issues get help here so I figured I’d try this. I’m working on a gig for a buyer, and we’ve discussed the timeline for when he needs it finished. Unfortunately, he didn’t understand exactly what he was doing when he ordered, so he set the time it needs to be delivered by to be before the timeline we agreed on. He won’t have even sent me the last section of what he needs proofread by the time I’m supposed to deliver. Is there a way to extend the deadline so I don’t look bad for delivering late? Or will it affect my rating on Fiverr to deliver late?

Ok, thank you so much! If it doesn’t affect my rating, then everything is fine!

@kjblynx Good to know! I thought a late delivery would negatively effect my profile in some way - like rating or listing status.

Reply to @kjblynx: That’s what I mean, I thought delivering late would affect me negatively. So I always warn my buyers that I will be delivering on time to avoid this.