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Extension After Late Delivery: What's the protocol?

I’ve looked in TOS and Fiverr articles and the Forum, but I’ve yet to find anything that speaks to something I’m curious about. Does anyone know if late orders are still counted as late if an extension is granted after the delivery time?

Like, say I have an order due at 10:00am on October 5th. If at 10:00am on October 6th, after my order has already been marked very late, I request an extension and am granted one by the buyer, will my stats still be ruined or will the late delivery and any consequences from it be made null?

This had never happened to me, so I don’t know, but has anyone experienced this? I’m really just curious.

It does… :pensive: and it will be still marked as late towards the statistics.

More than that, there is another bug that even if you completed your order in time (and even did revisions) if buyer decides to add extra to your order it might make your order automatically late, and it will also affect your stats.


You’d think Fiverr would be more forgiving when there’s technically no wrong being committed and, therefore, nothing to be forgiven. It’s not nearly as professional or rational as it expects its sellers to be…