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Extension of deadline feature makes orders late?

I have a question/rant: I’ve been away from Fiverr for some time and I can see a lot of things have changed around here. I just had to deal with the new resolution centre and I can’t figure out how it’s supposed to work - I mean, how it’s supposed to be protecting the sellers rather than being another feature that disrupts our work.

I had a client place an order without providing the necessary info. Upon getting in touch, they promised to get back to me by the end of the day, which they didn’t; two days passed, two messages on my part, again, without a response. With 20 hours ahead of the deadline, I submitted an extension of deadline request through the resolution centre.

You’d think that the request will automatically stop the clock, at least until the buyer responds, right? Cause otherwise, if you’re dealing with someone who just forgot they placed an order and disappeared, the order will be marked as late even though it’s not the seller’s fault, right?

Well, no. Clock was still ticking, buyer was still not responding, and when I got in touch with CS, their answer was to suggest filing for extension of deadline (???). After a day of back-and-forth, they suggested they’d cancel the order without it affecting my rating buut…

As it turns out, my “delivered on time” rating is now 93%. The only order not delivered hours in advance of the deadline was the one above. Is the ‘extension of deadline’ feature supposed to stop the clock and if so, is it worth reporting the bug to the CS?

And if not, how is this new feature supposed to help us, sellers? I mean, I’ll need to extend the deadline only if a buyer has failed to provide me with all the necessary information upon placement of the order. If they’re not responding to my messages, they’re not going to respond to the request either, right? Is it me that just can’t understand how this supposedly amazing new feature works?

Welcome to Angry Resolution Center Victims Anonymous. You will find many fellow Fiverr sellers here in different stages of recovery after being traumatized by the new resolution center.

Does an extension of an order deadline stop the order clock? No. As far as I am aware, the buyer has to accept the extension before anything happens. As for your cancelled order obviously affecting you when CS said that it wouldn’t, this has been my own suspicion for the past week. The lesson, in this case, is to try and do everything possible to avoid any kind of cancellation.

Personally, what I find really interesting, is the fact that all sellers complaining about the new resolution center are doing so for the exact same reasons. In every case, we are all being forced into having to cancel orders because of buyers not supplying order details.

Given this trend and the obvious unfairness of this recurring situation, there should be something like a stop button added to the resolution center. If a buyer doesn’t supply the information we need, we should be able to at least suspend an order until they do.

Probably won’t happen, but we can still dream.


The clock stopped for me today when I requested cancellation for not enough $$$ (He was only $6885 short lol, though he did say on top of his $5 order that he was “prepared” to give me another $15. GTFO)… so there’s that? Honestly, it’s just a big old mess at the moment.

That’s why when things do hit the fan, it’s always a good idea to have a bottle of 35° South in the fridge.

What I keep toying with is the idea of just sending my template videos to people who make orders but don’t supply details. They order, they get exactly what my gig advertises in the literal sense and therefore as far as CS should be concerned, I have delivered something.

I’m not sure how this would work with writing but to be honest, my writing gigs don’t really suffer from this issue.

I’d definitely talk to CS about it. Maybe mention that it’s not fair that your stats are affected by something that is solely the buyer’s fault, especially when you you took all the right steps to deal with it. This is pretty much what I’ve said when I’ve approached CS about similar issues and they’ve agreed.

That said, your “delivered on time” metric only takes into account the last sixty days (I’m pretty sure). At some point, you’ll just tick up to 100% again. I don’t know if this metric is displayed to buyers anywhere or if it really affects you in any way, except that every time you get on Fiverr, it’s sitting there on the side of your account, reminding you of this negative situation.

Yup, thought as much :confused: Same thing is happening now - buyers wants a modification (changed instructions but I decided not to charge them since it’s really a small thing) and as soon as they hit the modification button, clock started ticking again. I’ve used the extension of deadline request again, and clock’s still ticking, and the order is AGAIN going to be marked as Late…

Rejected orders don’t actually get late. If a buyer requests modification and time runs out, you’ll see “LATE” written there but it won’t actually count as a late order.

At least that’s how it’s been for me so far. But the site’s been so wonky lately that I wouldn’t be surprised if this has changed too.

My ‘Delivered on Time’ stat is like…15%.

This is because most of my clients nowadays are old clients who order for ‘1 day delivery’ but order like…2 months in advance. It’s really annoying.

An emergency brake would be really a good idea for such situations. But I guess they don´t want to have to deal with the inevitable misuse of such a button.

But yes, we can dream.

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Yep. This is complete nonsense. I don’t know who decided that it’d be a good idea to let the order clock keep counting down to LATE while there’s an open dispute, but whoever made the decision on that little gem deserves a swift kick in the gonads. And yes, I am assuming it’s a man who made that decision, because everybody knows that women have the foresight to anticipate such obvious problems.

I wish I had a Point-Of-View gun to use against Fiverr.

What has been happening to me is even worst. I have delivered some orders on time and because some of my deliveries only happear after 1 hour or 1 day they affected my rate.
I contact the customer center several times and they said they cant change that rate although that didnt happened because of me.
I gave a negative feedback to Customer Support and said I was considering to get out of Fiverr and they started to check all my messages instead of correcting this.
They have manually corrected my response rate but say they can`t correct the delivery rate manually.