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External link violation help me!

If I know my client before and if I contact him through other means will it be a external link violation?


Yes. It is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service to communicate with your buyer outside of Fiverr. Don’t do it.


How do they come to know about it?

If any of your friend orders a gig and you spot him by profile picture, consider your friendship over as it will VIOLATE the Fiverr term of service.

Do you really want to test that question, and have Fiverr warn or delete your account for breaking their clearly-listed rules? Fiverr’s rules say no, so don’t do it.

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So if I share my personal details outside fiverr and then contact him outside, will they come to know about it?

you are not supposed to share your personal info with the buyer. (yes it will Violate Term of service)

if you already have there contact info or if you are already in touch with your client outside Fiverr or you have worked with the specific client already outside. I don’t think it will be an issue

I have already answered this question the last time you asked it.

I would never do that. as the client is not yours He/she is Fiverr Client

Okay let me clarify my doubt. I am working for an American writer. We need each others personal info to get going. I have his book with me and the book has his address. I have sent a letter to his address. He will receive it and contact me outside fiverr. Hence, this whole process has no connection with fiverr. The info I have written in the letter does not match my personal fiverr info such as my registered no. Or mail. Both are different.

We just met on fiverr and he told me to order his book just to get his address.

It is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service to share personal information, or contact outside of Fiverr. How often do you need to be told NOT to do this?

So when he receives my letter and contact me outside fiverr, it will be an external link violation right?

I have already answered this question. You can read what I already told you above.

one way or another it is a Violation

You don’t get me question. If we contact each other outside, we are not using the info that I have use to register for the fiverr account. So how is it external link violation?

And you’re not listening to me. ANY kind of communication with your buyer, outside of Fiverr, is against the rules – 100% against Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and could result in a warning, deletion of your gig, or removal of your account.

It is also against Fiverr’s TOS to share personal information with your buyer. It doesn’t matter how, or why. This is stated as being against the rules in Fiverr’s TOS.

Perhaps you need to read the TOS for yourself:


You are will fully ignoring what these two people are saying, google the world targeted marketing and have estimate how much it cost, fiverr is doing it for this platform you and I dont have money to do it, if fiverr allow what you are doing, it will kill their business.

and you wont get terminated with one violation as their are times you need to contact buyer outside as with me i have to share files and folder with my client to get the jog going, but it is part of the job. i know one person got banned doing what you are doing, so it is up too you

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So that means you have contacted your clients outside fiverr??

Yes i did both of them i share file on google drive, One i hire and one hire me, As they need to know what going on with each job,
It is list of 300 items, i can not just tell them with each message about the status of 300 items, so i created the file shared with them, and add informaion, so this way it they know exactly what’s going on

But now let say fiverr doubted my intentions, all i have to do share same file with them and i am safe, as i am not doing some funny business on side.

your case look fishy