External links in Gigs and Showcase in fiver?


Is there any showcase on Fiverr.com where seller puts their professional work and abilities to show the world and get more likes and comments from other buyers and sellers or visitors? I have been working on freelancer.com since 2013 and when ever i complete a project they gives us an option to showcase our completed work/project. This thing gives seller boost to increase their sellings. So I want to know is there anything similar on fiverr.com too? I have created a gig https://www.fiverr.com/junoon1252/design-unique-and-creative-logo-instantaly.

But there is limit of putting only 3 images in gallery and 1 video related to your work. So one more question i wana ask that does fiver allow to place a link of my portfolio that is on another site like flicker.com or portfolio placed on my personal site?




I use a direct link to a dropbox folder for showcasing video samples and other files.

The thing you need to avoid is sharing personal information or giving viewers a way to contact you outside of Fiverr. If you do this, or break any of the TOS, your account will be suspended without second chances.

What I love about Fiverr is that there is alot of traffic and the traffic is worth the 20% commission.


There is a way that when you deliver your work you can choose to automatically upload it to your portfolio. I have seen many sellers that have several photos on there.


Thank you fellows for your kind information.