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External Marketing Where's the Proof It Works?

I read, I read a lot. And in the words of the great
Stephen Hawking
" If time travel existed, our history books would be full of examples. But they are not so it isn’t possible"
Using this quote, I ask you where are the examples that outside marketing works for Fiverr? Everyone asks " How can I get more traffic to my gig?". Every experienced seller says " seek out your demographic and market to them". And yet no one gives clear examples of how!. Join a long stealth campaign to gain trust on Twitter and what not. Landing Pages, Facebook advertising. And yet , no forum category for this. No masses of threads on successful ways to do this. It appears the more I read the more I concluded that people do very little marketing all though they preach it. Yet again simple patience and time it self seems to be the only worth while strategy on Fiverr.


My way of marketing is to reach out to clients directly or pick up clients on bidding sites. The problem with marketing Fiverr gigs per-se, is that there is no incentive for sellers to do so. If I pick up my own clients, I forward them to the cheapest possible payment gateway. If I brought clients to Fiverr, I’d seem disingenuous. Namely, by offering say a $25 service and the end client being charged $27. - Then I’d have to sacrifice 20% of my takeaway profits.

As for why no one talks about their specific marketing strategy, what works for me won’t work for you. I also don’t want to sing about how I have just scored a regular client via X resource, only for 100’s of mek-sellers to rush to exploit the same.


Yes I agree that target marketing rather than general would be better. And I’ll be honest I’ve done some of this recent on Reddit. But to my surprise other sellers have a stigma about posting Fiverr and are quite down right rude if you post your service. So I’m back to square one in promoting just my web site.

There are actually several strong posts on this, though some are more relevant than others. This is an excellent one:


Lol I read this yesterday. It kind of backs up what im saying.

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I’ve had more success with external marketing (in addition to patience and time) than I have without it. So, it doesn’t back up your post for me. Otherwise, though, whatever works for you is all good. I don’t think the same thing works for everyone all the time.


I think Voice Over in particular is a hard thing to market.

This is because in most cases, people don’t go to places like Reddit to find freelances for hire. I would never expect a magazine or startup needing marketing media, to look for freelancers on a community discussion board anywhere. In fact, for this reason, social media marketing is largely overblown unless you are an established brand.

You also have to aknowledge the mek-seller effect. Reddit and other platforms have gone so far as to ban Fiverr links due to endless inundations of “I offer X service! Buy my gig now at Fiverr!” It’s essentially just spam.

You also have to be very careful with marketing Fiverr. I had an extraordinary coincidence occur last year when a tour company owned by someone who used to be a close friend ordered a video and sales copy. Moreover, this friend is one who initially tried to persuade me not to go freelance. In this case, I wanted to email directly and say,“Yo, Jan. Someone at your trekking company just found and ordered from me on Fiverr!”

Sadly, knowing how harshly Fiverr comes down on off-site communication etc, I simply didn’t feel comfortable doing this.

This is also why it can be risky bringing clients to Fiverr. My off-site clients are used to direct email communication. I have absolutely no doubt that they would feel put out by me insisting they use the Fiverr messaging service. Moreover, all it takes is for a buyer to message you saying something like “as discussed in our last email conversation,” and you will be brought to the attention of CS.

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Yep, my wife has nearly 500 “well to do” people on her Facebook. Not a sniff came of a week of slow posts on her facebook or mine. My instict is telling me to just push my website/brand and have my Fiverr gigs on there. At the end of the day building my brand and company website efforts seem to be priority. As the organisation required to market each gig would require equal if not more time. Fiverr has dropped the ball on not giving sellers an incentive to promote the gigs alone.

Isn’t the hope of gaining a paying gig incentive enough to promote your gigs? It is for me.

Why is it Fiverr’s responsibility to do anything to make you successful? Fiverr is nothing more than the multi-featured platform where you host your freelance services. You are still responsible for doing everything necessary to build, promote, and expand your business – just as you would be if you chose to host your services on your own website.

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Agreed, isn’t that my question

There was no stated question within the comment of yours to which I responded. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I want to promote my gigs and success through research. Unlike a lot of folks I crafted a great web site (a marketing tool). So in one hand I have used Fiverr to create gigs and experience. In the other I have my brand/website. There is no way to market them as one. There lies the rub.

I’ve seen sellers with very strong presences on the internet on their own websites who are also on fiverr and this works very well for them.


This is absolutely true. One that comes to mind is jamesbulls who has left Fiverr for other reasons, but while here he maintained his own outside business and his Fiverr business using his name as a brand and he did very well. Another who is still here and is a Fiverr ambassador is twistedweb123 (deliberately not tagging since that seems rude) and he has done super well at marketing his brand on and off Fiverr as one. It probably does require a bit of care not to mix things up and I think twisted keeps in close touch with staff to be sure all is well. If you just market your brand well enough, though, it seems to me it would bring you traffic wherever you are on the internet.