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I would like to share my bad experience with ********** on Fiverr. This seller accepted to work on a project for us for around $800 dollars. For minor revisions she asked for another $800, and kept asking huge amounts of money for simple changes, with long delays and bad communication. To make matters worst Fiverr doesn’t even offer a call center to handle urgent issues like these. Avoid ************ at all costs and think twice before using fiverr for important projects. If anyone at fiverr sees this, please help buyers!

Mod Note: Username removed. It is against the Forum Rules to call out a buyer or seller.

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Do not do Name and Shame.

If you have any issue to any sellers. You may register your complaint at Fiverr CS.

Isn’t this a gig that offers “unlimited revisions” (unlimited revision should be free of charge, as long as they are consistent with what was originally asked for - ie. not changing the original requirements) or did a custom offer not include that or enough free of charge revisions?. Also, doesn’t the gig offer a “100% money back guarantee”?

But I agree with @fast_editing, you can also raise a ticket with Fiverr Customer Support. Or maybe raise a dispute on the order if required.

Maybe the long delays were because of multiple other orders in the queue. Maybe certain things about the orders took a long time to do.