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Extra Fast Add On Charge NOT SHOWING in Earnings Page

I had a customer that chose the “Extra Fast” option for a package she purchased.

Order was made Sept. 10th and I was able to deliver by Sept. 14th. Order was confirmed complete by the 15th.

Today, Sept 17th, I log in and check my earnings page and it doesn’t show the charge for the extra fast service she added to her package. What should I do? I already sent a request for help in Fiverr Help. Has this happened to anyone?

Thank you in advance!


It’s there, just that the price is not combine into 1. The “extra fast” price is either below or on top of your original price .
Not sure if you are able to get it.

Hi! It’s not either on top or below the package price that was ordered.

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@ze_blender3d Hi! It’s not either on top or below the package price that was ordered.

Possible to share with us some images?
Or just wait for CS


@ze_blender3d its the one on the very top ($48 pending for Sept 29th) The one below is from a different customer :slight_smile:

I think you have checked before, but just want to ask
What is your original package price without the extra fast charge

$50, $48 with the Fiverr charge

Hi @djdesvn,

The pending $48 is correct.

I went to check your Gig and I see you charge +$10 for extra fast.

If you go to the order page, you’ll see that the total amount shown for that order is $60: $50 for the regular price plus $10 for the fast delivery.

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Wouldn’t it be $40? Fiverr takes a 20% cut.

Oh, right Fiverr gets 20%

I get it now. Thank you so much!

@maitasun thank you i didn’t think of this. I assumed it would have showed separate and i forgot that the cut was 20% Thank you so much!

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You’re most welcome, @djdesvn! :slightly_smiling_face: