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Extra Fast - Buyer wont respond


I am only new so I am sorry if this is a common question but I couldnt find an answer in search. Buyer has asked for Extra Fast, I need further information to complete the GIG but buyer is not responding. They requested the job at 3am, I started it at 5am. Its now 5pm and I have 10 hours left but I will need to sleep at some point too.

Will I get penalised for not finishing it in time? Can I Submit the Draft and explain why its not fully completed? Sorry again for my ignorance I am not familiar with the process.



If they do not respond then you have no choice but to mutually cancel the gig if you feel you do not have time to finish it after they respond.

Do not let your order be too late - otherwise you will get an automatic negative rating.

Hope this helps!


Not really fair is it since I have already done half the Job and sent him the draft. :-S


I would DELIVER the draft (that satisfies the Fiverr clock) but send a message telling him why you couldn’t do whatever you couldn’t do. Then he’ll answer you or ask for a modification, probably. He’ll probably be fair enough to admit that he should have answered you if he was in such a big hurry for it.


Hi Kimfosterga. The only problem with that is when they’re not fair. In those cases, pressing deliver can cause you to get stung and it can affect your rating. We had someone affect our overall rating. Rather than press the MODIFY button (which we remind people about), he instead left an unfair rating/comment. He later apologised outside of Fiverr when he realised the service had been great organic promotion. However, he never came back to edit his rating. It had knocked us from 100% to 99%. It’s totally unfair and there’s always the risk of it happening again. What’s worse is that Fiverr endorse this as being acceptable, even when you explain to them how unfair it really is.