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Extra Fast Delivery - How it works

Extra Fast Delivery, lets sellers offer buyers a much faster delivery. When you buy a Gig with this option, the delivery countdown will go according to the agreed, faster delivery date.

Here’s how it works:

Go to the “Gig Edit” page, you’ll see a box where you can setup the Extra Fast Delivery option.

The Extra Fast Delivery option will show up with the Gig Extras – it’s the one with the big yellow letters that says “ExtraFast”.

The adjusted countdown begins once you place an Extra Fast order.

Learn more about Extra Fast Delivery

One thing I anticipate as a seller who delivers a physical product versus a digital product: I already know that at some point a buyer will believe that the Extra Fast Deliver is going to mean it is “received” in the time allotted versus me actually turning it over to USPS within the allotted time.

During the holidays last year due to the gig being shown on the Today show I had a very high percentage of people signing up to place an order without any idea how the Fiverr worked. I did a tremendous amount of buyer hand holding while trying to complete my gigs. Fortunately many Fiverr improvements over the last year will reduce the hand holding, but this feature makes me nervous.

I wish there was a way to add my own blurb to the Extra Fast Delivery extra and clarify that essentially it means it is going to the top of my delivery queue versus me expediting the shipping.

Any thoughts?


You can explain that on the Gig description.

And I also suggest to mention it along with a “welcome” message you send when getting new order.


You show description your gig that nice.

@natalieab ~ Tell the team thumbs up on that!

Reply to @yournaments: Wow your gig was featured on the Today show? Way to go! :slight_smile:

Why i do not see this Gig option in my Gig extras? In fact i don’t see any of Gig Extras in my Edit Gig page.

Reply to @designermichael: You have to reach at least Level 1 before you have the option to offer “gig extras”. :slight_smile:

why can’t i get more than 10 orders daily. i need more

I can’t see this option in my gigs :frowning:

hello, i am new to fiverr,

and i just bought a website index thing.

i dont understand what delivery in fiverr means.

i mean do they physically bring something to your home addres

or is just the time it will start to take effect

Im just wondering. how do you do a digital delivery? and if you aren’t alway on the computer does your time to do it go down? i am just really confused, sorry.