Extra Fast Delivery is No Longer Just for Sellers with Levels!


Starting today, all sellers will have the ability to add Extra Fast Delivery to their Gigs.

To all our new sellers, this is especially for you. Now that you have access to this feature, you’ll be able to easily offer your buyers an option to expedite delivery for an additional $5 - all in a single order!

We are working on more tools to help you grow your Fiverr business, stay tuned for updates.


may be because of that update work there we face some issue on gig page today… thanks to update but we were anxious :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet, if only they could now invent Extra Fast payment options, rather than the dreadful 14 days wait :smiley:


This is a great news and i couldn’t agree more with Jenjay, seller’s payment should be faster than it is, we wait so much to get our money. Many sellers depend on this money to survive, keeping it till 14 days is too far. Please let fiverr take this important.


I discovered fiverr 3 years ago, created my profile and then I disappeared. 3 years later, I don’t even recognize fiverr anymore. Most of the changes are positive and I’m loving it. Oh! wait, I’m not promoting McDonalds here.

This extra fast thing for everybody made me fall in love with fiverr once again. I hope positive changes will keep coming to help new sellers like us. :-*


Aha!! That is nice feature… Hope this will help to grow up sales and business on fiverr…


OH that’s a great feature for us …https://www.fiverr.com/s/6m0lnm


thanks a lot for that option… :slight_smile:


Good improvement!


I wish there was an extra extra fast option to do it by the hours too.

Like delivery on 1 hour or 2 , 3 and so on :slight_smile:



I am also agree with you but the problem is if we place extra fast delivery from 1 hour orders may created counter started it get ate or may cancel due to late delivery while we are sleeping or while traveling. It is risky then. Anyway we can deliver orders even within a Hour as well…


That’s great news for newbies. I’ve found it really effective to set your turn around time to 1 day specially when you are new, and when you are struggling with sales. More buyers are attracted to gigs with fast turnaround times and there’s also a filter in the searches that let’s buyers search for “Express” gigs.

Of course this will take away your “Express delivery” extra but if you have the time and buyers just aren’t biting on your gigs, this is a great technique to try. You can always change your turnaround time back to your regular delivery times when you get some orders in queue.


Reply to @bijanstudio: What happens if you’re sleeping? Imagine the pissed off buyer. No, I’m happy offering 24-hour delivery and delivering when I’m awake. I can’t live in front of my computer.