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Extra fast delivery problem

Hi, I have an audio mastering service as one of my gigs on Fiverr. Someone has placed an order for 4 masters. They’ve selected deliver this order in one day, but as they’ve ordered the 4 jobs together, they’re only paying $5 to receive the whole order (all 4 jobs) in 1 day.

I was under the impression that you would need to pay $5 per job to receive each one early, not $5 for the whole order. This could cause big problems for people placing large orders as they’d only be paying $5, but you could literally be made to complete any number of jobs in one day, which may not be possible.

Does anyone know a way to set the extra fast delivery so it’s ‘per job’ and not ‘per order’ as I’d like to correct this for future orders to prevent any problems?


I think you should contact CS (Fiverr Customer Support), explain the case, and hopefully Fiverr staff will fix it:


Thanks for the suggestion. I will do that now.

You MUST increase your price for a 24 hour delivery. I now charge $25 for a 1 day turn around. They have to add that at an order if the prefer one day. That has helped! If the buyer is a professional and like you they will have no problem paying.

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Thanks for that suggestion. I will be increasing my prices soon. I just want to keep them low to get some reviews first as I’m new to Fiverr :slight_smile:

But even if I charge $25 for 24 hour delivery, what if someone orders 10 jobs off me at once and only pays $25 for the 24 hour delivery. This means I’m only getting $2.50 extra per job, plus with that many jobs I might not be able to complete them all in that time. I’d much prefer to have the delivery charge per job if that’s possible.

Even if you were paid per job, your big concerns seems to be not being able to meet the deadline. How you are paid won’t solve that issue.
Option 1, don’t allow multiple jobs per order. And then set a limit on how many active orders you can have (I think that still works).
Option 2, charge much more for rush, and learn to live without sleep.
Option 3 - require rushes to be custom order. This will allow you to price and set time.

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I didn’t know you could not allow multiple jobs per order. Do you know where this setting is please?

I know I can charge more for 24 hour delivery but I’m happy to keep costs low for small orders, I just don’t want to charge that same price for buyers with big orders, which is why I think it makes more sense to charge 24 hour delivery per job.

Option 3 could be an option if there’s no other solution to this.

There is no setting for not doing multiple. It comes down to the gig description. Can be hard to enforce, but if you word it clearly, and repeat it, usually people will follow it.

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