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Extra Fast Delivery

Basically this guy wants extra fast delivery but forgot to buy the extra, can I offer him the extra after he has ordered?


Yes, obviously you can.

Yes, next to the order message section you have add extra to this order.

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Yeah it doesn’t show up though?

On the right small window is there, it follows you as you scroll up down in order communication?

It says something like now you can add extra to this order easy or something like that. i do not have active order so I can not see it.

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aaaa houston we have a problem. You did not include extra fast delivery in your GIG settings?

I did include it look:

Its not showing up for some reason

then use add custom extra

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Of course ! You can offer him. Good luck. :blush: :heart_eyes:

You can’t add the extra fast option after your gig was purchased.

What you can do is send a custom offer clearly stating the amount and what’s it for, and deliver in the agreed upon timeframe.

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@designer_rahmat How, where, instructions, images? What is the point of your message?

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Perfect! Thanks for all your help @marinapomorac @frank_d @designer_rahmat

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Yes definitely you can offer him extra.