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Extra Fast - What It Actually Signifies

Hi fellow sellers and buyers,

Many buyers have asked me the following question,

"You have Extra Fast set for 5 days but even without it you generally deliver within 1-2 days then why would any buyer want to buy the Extra Fast?"

So, I concluded that many buyers may have this opinion of not buying Extra Fasts due to previous quick delivery experiences with the seller and hence I decided to clear this up.

Now, I don’t know if this holds true of anyone else here but as far as I know this is pretty logical and I seem to follow this.

"Extra Fast is nothing but moving Your order Up in the Priority Queue of the seller."

Suppose I’m flooded with orders, all buyers expect quick turnarounds but only one of them bought Extra Fast, it is only natural that I’ll work on that order first.

So, if you need an order quicker than what is mentioned on the Gig Page, don’t just assume that the seller usually delivers quickly, buy an Extra Fast to assure it.

I hope I made my point.

If any seller considers this wrong please correct me and I will consider your method too. The forums are to improve and help after all.

Reply to @anarchofighter: So, you love people who ask for fast deliveries without paying for it? Or did I interpret it wrong?

Reply to @voiceoverwork: I did not understand the point you made. Could you elucidate? :slight_smile:

If I needed it tomorrow, I’d order it tomorrow!


This is exactly right. If my normal delivery time is 5 days, for example, that is my guaranteed time frame. I may deliver in 2 days, but I may deliver in 4 days, 23 hours and 58 minutes (right under the deadline). It really depends on my schedule and workload.

There is no way I can or am willing to guarantee expedited delivery unless that option is included with the buyer’s purchase. If you want to purchase a gig with a delivery time of 10 days but know full well that you cannot wait 10 days due to your own schedule, either buy the gig extra for guaranteed expedited delivery or order from another seller that fits your time frame.

I can’t count the numerous times I’ve gotten this message on an order page: “Hi, I know your delivery time is 10 days, but I need this in 3. Okay?” Nope. That’s not how it works. Be aware that unless you purchase guaranteed expedited delivery, the seller is under no obligation to provide faster service than what their gig page says.

madmoo said: I'm always amazed by people who order for a birthday or upcoming event without any regard for the leadtime. If I left them till the due date, as is my right, then the event would have passed, but buyers seem to just assume you'll do it when they need it without even mentioning a deadline.

nickih said: "Hi, I know your delivery time is 10 days, but I need this in 3. Okay?"

8-| 8-| 8-|

I would never EVER pull this stunt on a seller. Ever. I'm a buyer as well and would be so uncomfortable asking for unpaid favours.

I really wish buyers would think like you do @cheezees :slight_smile:

@madmoo and @nickih I’m glad other sellers agree. :slight_smile:

I agree to. Professionally the work should be delivered on time and on the date you committed to deliver it. An extra fast really means at the head of the line.

deepanshkhurana said: Extra Fast is nothing but moving Your order Up in the Priority Queue of the seller."

Exactly my words.

Best of luck,
:) Joe
The Creative Guys |2014

Reply to @thecreativeguys: I hope buyers do read this post. So, we’ll have less unjust requests. :slight_smile:

Reply to @deepanshkhurana: I’m a buyer and a seller so I see things from both sides. I know what I would not like done to me so I don’t do it to others. :slight_smile:

Reply to @cheezees: Oh, that’s great. I’ve never bought anything from Fiverr so I don’t know much from the buyer’s side. :slight_smile:

I love the people who negotiate for a deal or discount or package price…THEN say, "Oh, I need this ASAP"

I always bust out my “Speed, Price, Quality” discussion at that point.

deepanshkhurana said: Reply to @voiceoverwork: I did not understand the point you made. Could you elucidate?

I would love to elucidate... It's a joke (insert chuckle here). Meaning, why would a Buyer order today (for something they need tomorrow), when they can just wait until tomorrow?

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Aha! Now I just feel dumb. sits in the corner of the room

Reply to @bachas85: Yup. That’s what lead time is for. :slight_smile:

I actually had a buyer who needed my rewrite services, even messaged me regarding the service on the right gig about needing something done. After agreeing to the terms, the buyer didn’t order the rewrite gig with the 10-day lead time. Nope, he orders the editing gig with a 2-day lead time.

This infuriates me because I’ve seen other sellers this has happened to.

So, I wrote to him in a firm but stern manner, saying that it wasn’t fair to my other clients who ordered correctly to wait for their work when they need rewrites done too because he ordered the editing 2 day gig and needed a rewrite. (It had nothing to do with money in this case). I told him if he needed it in 2-days time, he should order my extra fast delivery, which would push him to the head of the queue. I said my clients’ time is important and so is their work. He has to wait in the queue, just like everyone else… unless he orders an extra fast.

Did I hear back from this buyer? Yep, but I smell trouble to be honest. Did he order the extra? Of course not!

Reply to @emeraldawnn: That sucks more than a buyer not buying an extra. Buying a different gig just because it has less days as lead time and then asking for a different service is totally unacceptable but what choice do we have right?

On Fiverr, the benefit of doubt is the sole right of Buyers. Sellers suffer more and that’s the truth, I guess. I would really love if some rules were reformed.

I hope you situation clears up neatly and fast. Otherwise there is always Customer Support.