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Extra Fee deduction

Hi Friends, it’s first time in my experience, Fiverr charged buyer’s fee+taxes from the amount reflecting on my (seller’s) order page + 20% as usual. Anyone of you experienced the same? Thanks

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If you think there is a problem, please contact Customer Support.

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Hello @jonbaas, I’ve contacted Customer support and representative didn’t convinced. His contention was they’ve deducted buyer’s fee+taxes+20% seller’s fee from the amount reflecting on my (seller) order page. That’s is the reason of posting here to know if anyone faced the similar thing and what was the resolution.

Can you please attach here a screenshot with their reply?
It’s very difficult to gather what happened from your post.


Fiverr is the only source of resolutions to site issues. If Fiverr says that they do not see any issues, then I don’t understand why you think that we can provide any resolutions that Fiverr did not.

Correction: and representative didn’t convinced me*

Dear @mariashtelle1, This is first time in my hundreds of sold gig’s experience, Fiverr deducted $14.73 + 20% Fee from the amount reflecting on my (seller) order page. If $14.73 is a fee charged to buyer then it must not reflect on my order page.

Because he doesn’t need to convince you.

Everything is correct and fiverr deducted only 20% nothing more.
Just pay attention to currencies, some of them in usd and some in aud.
so what you summed up is wrong. First you need to convert aud to usd and only after that make a sum.


Please read my previous response. It’s the same as CS representative actually.

EVERYTHING IS CORRECT. Don’t panic :wink:


Checking your gig. right now as if I was going to buy.

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I’m not disagreeing.

I never asked to resolve it though wanted to learn if anyone experienced the same. Thank you for your time.

you updated your prices after the gig was purchased which will never take effect on running orders?**

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You nailed it @mariashtelle1 :upside_down_face: that ‘A’ in currency I missed :rofl:
Fiverr must hire you :slight_smile: Thanks for your time. Regards, Ali


It is correct :smirk: from the math prospective.
35$ + AUD 14.91 + AUD29.82= 35$ + aud44.73

44.73aud= 30$

35$ + 30$ = 65$ in total.
Minus 20% and here is 52$ .


So, that means this:

I didn’t do the math tbh, I just went and “Purchased” his gig. He appearantly updated the prices after the order was done.

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probably a typo but just to be clearer it is 44.73aud=~ $30 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, Please go ahead if you need our expertise. Regards, Ali

No thanks. I was just checking your fees to help you with this post… SMH :expressionless:


Haha… Thanks man for your time and helping me practically :slight_smile:

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