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Extra fluoride in the water supply

As a Voice Over artist, I felt it was necessary to invest a lot of money in acoustic treatment for my studio, as well as having industry standard mastering software, microphone and pre-amp.

Yesterday, I had a client order a internal voice-mail message job. I do the deed; sounds nice with no room ambiance, as was my intention. I fire across their order. About an hour later, I get a revision request, with a message saying:

“Hi, sounds great, but could you make it sound more like you’re in a room - it sounds too sound-proofed for me.Perhaps add some echo?”

Echo? For an voice mail system? That’s a new one on me, but sure, and while I’m at it, I could lay down some sick beats behind it as well, bruv, innit.

And “too sound-proofed”!?! Well, I could’ve avoided all that expense and just recorded the script on my smartphone in the downstairs toilet. You know, for that true professional touch.

Then another buyer asks for a quote for an audio-book. I price it up and it’s a biggie - one that could pay my rent and bills for the next two months and I certainly need that after that last two lean months of naff-all orders. I send over the quote, everything seems fine. Then there’s a lot of dithering, questions and then sporadic messages, saying that they’re in the process of ‘sorting everything out’.

Two weeks later, I get a message from someone and it turns out to be the same buyer, but they’ve opened a different account, because they “had trouble paying for the order on the previous account, so they’re going to try this one instead” and could I please resend the quote.

So I do. Guess what? They’re having trouble paying on that account as well.

Seriously, in the name of all things holy, drink some spring water. Stop tyre-kicking, filling me with false hope and wasting my time!!


This is why I only work with people who order directly on Fiverr.

I got a message yesterday from someone saying: “We’d like to go ahead with this. can you resend your offer as it has timed out.”

I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. Then I realized that a buyer I had last communicated with in 2015, was trying to get me to send an offer for $40 for 8 x 300-word articles. (based on my 2015 pricing).

The small fish and backwards and forwards communicators just put sellers at risk of early onset dementia. Also, opening a new account because of payment issues might be a sign that a past account has been closed due to this buyer filing a chargeback.


Thanks for the heads-up on the whole chargeback thing.

Funnily enough, they’ve just placed the order! Would CS be able to confirm or deny if this buyer has filed a chargeback in the past?

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You could ask them to check the buyer IP but there are a thousand and one ways you can get scammed with a chargeback.

What I do (and which I think has worked at least once) is send people who turn up out of the blue placing big orders with new accounts, a brief summary of the service they will be receiving from me.

I basically say “you might not hear from me for a few days due to other commitments etc…”

Then I ramble on about nothing for a while before saying. “please note that with your order you are entitled to 2 x revisions. Please make sure you have included everything asked for in my order requirements section. Also, please note that canceled orders will result in takedown requests being submitted to Youtube, FB, Google etc if content is published without my express permission.”

You basically have to make people think twice about scamming you in the first place.


I spend hours every day with these types of things. I send an offer but the questions continue endlessly, and when they run out of questions they start all over again with the same ones, or open a new account, or have problems paying, or decide they want it cheaper, but what if this happens or that happens, on and on.

Some continue on sporadically for weeks this way.

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Oh, jeez, I’m not liking the sound of this much!

Shame, as I could really use the money. I think I’ll get in touch with CS and see what they could do in the result of a chargeback.

And…what is with these chargebacks, anyway? Especially if they are happy with the work? All sales should be final, if the work is signed off by the client and there are slaps on the back and smiles all 'round.

I normally just block them, once I see the tell-tale signs of time-wasting, but I got lured in by this one, because of the large sum of money involved.

I don’t want to treat every large order with the same large amount of paranoia…but then…all that work for potentially nothing?

You can get a feel for the kind of person you are dealing with usually if you have a brief chat with them. A big order should still be easy and problem free. Oddly enough my chargebacks are always on the small orders. Larger orders are never a problem. And the chargebacks happen immediately as if they were planned all along, sometimes after 5 star reviews and a tip.

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Good luck, I sure hope you don’t get burned.


My latest messages from someone stuck in the endless questions loop include this, about my Gay Love Spell, has been going on for days now. This is what I deal with:

Constant questions like this from this person. Should I block him? I’m tired of this.

Thanks, Mike. I raised it with CS to see where they stand with it and if they have any advice.

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Yep, I know the ones. After the 4 or 5th daft question I just block them - life’s too short!


One reason I hesitate is that someone from Trust and Safety has to look at the reason it was blocked as I understand it and I don’t want to bother them with this, as it’s not any type of violation.

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You’re in completely the wrong profession. You need a daytime talk show.


Interstingly, I have just been working with a company which allows people to buy Bitcoin at market prices using prepaid debit cards like Skrill. This company doesn;t have to worry about chargebacks as they use bank based know your customer ID verification at the account creation stage.

Basically, having a copy of a card users ID, a recent utility bill, and using specific wording in sign up agreements, allows them to win any chargeback dispute. In this case case, Fiverr might want to think along these lines in future.


I heartily agree. But then, that - along with a more effective ‘out of office’ automated response system for vacation mode, etc, would make things a lot easier for sellers. And why on earth should that be? :wink:

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I once had a client chastise me and tell me that my voice was computer generated and he could tell because he was an “audio engineer.”

Jokes on him. :joy:

He must be a fabulous audio engineer. lol


You as well, eh?

I was getting accused of that so often that I’ve now addressed it in my FAQ’S.

Today, I had someone ask me to read a script sounding like Jony Ives. To which I replied, ‘well, you’d better hire him then.’ :grin:


My favorite is when they ask for “movie trailer” epic sounding, so you give em your best “In a world” read and they say, I meant for it to sound happy and upbeat.


Ahhh, yes. I know that one well. Also, when you’re asked to give lots of enthusiasm and sound excited, so you give your best vein-popping-out-of-your-forehead performance and they say that it doesn’t sound sincere/serious enough. :blush: