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Extra (Free) Work Wanted

I just want to have a rant about my buyer. I usually don’t have any problems with buyers but this one made me mad with his requests for additional work after my delivery. I got a feeling this won’t end well even though I politely explained that the second proofreading document he added to the update was not agreed upon in the order. I even offered to continue with the second job after he accepts the delivery of the first one, and he still wanted a modification.

I cancelled the order and wished him all the best. I guess it’s better to lose money (not much, but I did lose three hours of my time), than to have a potentially bad review.

What do you do when you find out your buyer tries to make you work for free?

I would do the same. Actually it would depend on the order and the amount of money involved. If the gig is fairly large, I might be ok with a couple of extra revisions. But for $5 gigs… nope. I would cancel if the buyer is asking for too many modifications. But in that case, I would also leave a note to the buyer saying that he has no rights over the gig that has been delivered to him and it is his responsibility to delete it from his computer/storage. If I find that video on any website (eg youtube), I would file a copyright complaint on both Youtube and Fiverr. Provide screenshots.

I wouldn’t have cancelled the order! I would have told him straight up that the additional work would require extra funds, and that in future, new orders should be added as a separate gig.

If they don’t accept that, contact Customer Support. If they get mad and abusive, you’re already winning.

I would not have cancelled the order. I would have sent him a custom offer for the extra work he wanted. Not sure why you did that. Customer support understands this type of thing and usually helps out if you contact them and send screenshots of all conversations.

Thank you to those who recommended Customer Support for this kind of situation. In the past I’ve dealt with difficult buyers in a similar way to what kbogovic did. The fear of negative feedback looms large! But knowing that Fiverr support would have our backs on this sort of thing really is reassuring, and I’ll go in that direction in the future, rather than automatically capitulating to the buyer or canceling the overall order.