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Extra gigs not showing on my gigs

Help! Ever since changing over to the new V2 addition my extra gigs wont show up. Ive even switched to the classic view to edit my gigs and for some raeson no matter how many times I try my extra gigs won’t show up. I dont want to create a new gig as my current gigs have positive reviews. Please help! Why am I not able to find an email address to someone over at Fiverr.

There should be a point of contact for the sellers. I have customers that are waiting to add additional gigs and its making me look bad - all because there is no one at fiverr that is able to help me.

Is there an answer for this??? Rather than waiting forever for Support to respond??

I wish someone had answered this. I’m having the same problem, except my buyers can only see one of the two extras I offer. I can see it just fine, but what good is that if people can’t purchase it? Ugh, I wish Fiverr had better tech support. This is the only thing on the entire Fiverr forum about this problem.



Click, “Still Can’t Find An Answer”,

Click, “Submit A Request”,

Me too! I contacted Fiverr support last week - didn’t get an answer. Contacted them again yesterday…we will see…

same problem with me guys @wesleygw i don’t know what’s the matter but i am not able to see my newly added gig and the wonder is when i see the my gig status it show me active status but not visible to public after the 2 days of adding. hope will fix it soon!

I am having the same problem with my extras not showing, has anyone figured out a solution to this problem yet? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hey everyone, this is a really annoying glitch, however I tried something that ‘Just by Chance’ worked for me, this is by no means a promise that it will work for you however it would be worth a try:

  • Simply Click on the tick-box for each off the extras you want active.
  • Refresh the page, your tick-boxes should still be active after the refresh.
  • Now save your gig.

    It should now be fully active and as you desire.

    Hope it works for all of you too.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me. Why hasn’t @fiverr support responded?

Please be patient. Customer Support deals with a lot of requests every day. If your issue needs a response, they will respond when they are able.