Extra Offer Time not showing in To Do Page [BUG]


I found a problem in Extra offer option. Support i got an order and there had 2 days time validity then if i will send a offer in that gig order page with additional time and price then that time not adding in To Do page… Though that time adding in gig order page properly.

So there have problem to calculate time in To do page ( need to add extra offer time duration also )



Funny, I hit the same problem and contacted support and they haven’t done anything about this. But it is obviously a problem with the system. The order should be extended with the extra time from the time it is accepted by the client! I was late on an order because the client decided to accept the extra which added 1 day to the delivery 2 days after my initial delivery. Fiverr please FIX THIS!


There is a date mentioned. When you ask to extend the delivery time, you extend it by for example one day (to the 1st of February on January the 31st) and not by 24h upon acceptance.


It happened again this week and I was happy to notice that Fiverr has fixed this issue and no late mark was put on my order because of the extra added. Thank you for listening to our requests!


Yes… That is great. fiverr already resolved that issue… LOVED IT