Extra payments to sellers


After sending a message to a seller about my requirements - I have agreed terms with a seller that means paying them an extra $5 or more for the work I want - how do I make the right payment when placing the order? There doesn’t appear to be a facility to order at an agreed price - and this is putting me off by taking up time trying to resolve.



If your Seller is new and has not earned a Level yet, there is no option available for them to add extras. You will have to purchase 1 gig for each $5. So if the gig is $5 and you agreed to an additional $5 for something extra, you will need to purchase 2 gigs.

If your Seller has achieved a Level 1 or higher, they may have the Extra option available, but may not know that or may not have yet figured out how to use it.

Look at the Sellers Level and that will tell where they are, and what options are available to them.


Good luck! :slight_smile: