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Extra Sentence on the Profile Head. How to do that? Or is that a Bug?

While Searching Some GIG, I saw a profile that contains some sentence on its header. I don’t know why and how to do this. I tried to check using another browser but it was the same. I don’t know whether this is the bug or there has any way to do that. But I did not see this on any other profile yet.

I am giving the link here:

I am willing to know if anyone know about this.


I have never seen that in the 3 years I have been here. Fiverr is working on the platform so maybe this is a glitch?

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It’s a part of their profile description, and looks like a glitch.


He can possibly fix that himself if he takes the < and > out of his profile. The page is confused by that.

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I don’t see that also

May be, you are right

Yah I checked that too