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Extra slow about "Extra Fast"

I’m feeling extra dim because I can’t figure out “extra fast” delivery for my voiceover gig.

If I promise to deliver up to 500 words in two days, but will record 500 words in one day… isn’t that “extra fast”? If I bump up my one-day offering to 1000 words, isn’t that even extra faster?

Because… whichever combination of days and word counts I choose, I don’t ever see “extra fast” show up as one of my gig extras. I don’t get the “hey, your ‘extra fast’ isn’t faster than your ‘regular’” warning… but I still don’t see “extra fast” appear.

Oh, I used to pride myself on being self-reliant, but that’s all in tatters now… please help!


I hope you figured it out by now. I have a question about the fiverr interface specifically when pricing a VO gig. Under the Upgrades section, why must each additional “;extra fast delivery” unit of words add one day to the overall delivery time? I can certainly understand why some may want to add an extra day, but why is it mandatory? I think it should be an option to just charge a lot more money without extending the delivery time. Do you agree or disagree?