Extra Topic: Please share your rating if you don't mind


This is an extra topic: just want to compare my rating with you. I have completed 299 orders and got rated 67% and what about you? (If you can upload this type of Picture from your analytics it will be great.


Why do you keep asking other users to post screenshots of such personal information?

Your last topic was asking users to share their world domination - it’s really none of your business!

Can you imagine businesses IRL sharing such sensitive information or being asked to? Why should Fiverr be any different?


Why you come in my every post and texting something bad every time? Fiverr created the forum for our discussion. If you don’t want to participate then don’t write negative sentences Please.


It is my choice to discuss any topic here,


I’m not being negative - I just don’t understand why you keep asking for such personal information.


I have clearly mentioned above that I want to compare my rating with others and want to know what am I going with the same speed as other people are going, and also other people will know that, are they going in the same speed like we are going. That is simple


anyhow this is not personal information this is business information and Fiverr information.


I think what @offlinehelpers is trying to say is that Fiverr is a place for business, and when you start asking questions that can invade other’s privacy and their business, it starts to cross a line.

That is not entirely true. There is a moderation team who has authority over us to make sure nothing goes out of whack and that topics are appropriate for forum users.

What are you trying to say here, could you please elaborate or explain again? Are you saying that you are trying to see how other businesses are growing here on Fiverr?

Some people, and I’m willing to bet it’s most, believe that their business information is personal. I, for one, have come to learn and accept that it is better to keep information like this to ourselves.


There’s only one problem. Sellers here are working on different categories (copywriters, designers, VOs etc). I just don’t see how your “compare” will be on any use here. No correlation at all!


Thats a big point you shared, Thanks


Ok let’s see what other people say about this situation