Extras No Longer are Displayed?


I wanted to change some of my gig extras and see that we now put titles and only the titles show to potential buyers unless they hover the mouse over the question mark.
Is this a bug? :-\

Surely fiverr wants to make it easy for potential buyers to see our extras, not add a block to that?


I’ve noticed the same thing. It has caused me a couple of problems as it’s very easy to miss it when someone orders an extra but you don’t immediately notice it. As far as I’m aware, though, it’s not a bug, just part of all the recent changes.


Same here too. :confused:


They are focusing on Package only


Fiverr decides something and they do it, explain to us ? naah


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Exactly, gig extras are important to convince the buyer to purchase and offer someting diferent, and now because of the stupid packages they’re trying to force us to use -- the buyer can’t see the gig extras till he purchases --


They barely read anything as it is. It is hard for me to imagine buyers taking the time to hover their mouse over each individual tiny question mark, read each description and figure out what to get.




I reported this problem and was put in touch with a team lead. I expressed the need for customers to be able to see my extras. This was her response:

"I see what you mean, and I have forwarded your request as a suggestion for our product manager to consider for a future improvement to the site.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with."




Hi, I got the same problem but I didn’t realize it until I got an order. I had Full HD video as an (auto) extra but it didn’t display first so I had to add it manually now. :frowning:
Now I’m thinking what do I do to this order. Customer will confuse If I say it now, Any suggestions?


Fiverr why not put back the description of the extras as they were to make it easy for buyers to see what they will be getting?


I am just about ready to migrate to packages and I’m disconcerted by the lack of extras… I’ll put one of my poorly-performing gigs on the block first. In the writing category you can have some snazzy word calculator (on top of whichever package deal–you set $x per y words on top of the count that’s included in the package). My concern here is that quite a lot of people have no idea how many words they want. Obviously, there’s room for abuse there in that I can craftily add adverbs and adjectives to everything to fluff it up. I’m not going to, obviously, but there has to be a better way.

There’s not much point talking to CS about it, they’re here to mediate issues not fix slightly shit updates to policy.


One of my many concerns with the packages is that the fiverr search engine seems to ignore them and they do not get indexed well in the listings.
It works much better for writers however than for my category which has unique one of a kind gigs.

I think packages were added to up the price for all the sellers who were mainly selling $5 gigs too much without extras. And it does help some buyers decide what to get for things that are already known and don’t need descriptions.

I have seen some sellers simply stop editing their gigs forever so they can avoid the packages.


I’ve found that my extras now aren’t showing at all … : ( Has anyone else noticed this?

Every time I hit save, the tick box on one of my custom ones unticks, and 3 of the others don’t display at all when previewed, ie) Include Project file, etc.



Whoever’s in charge of the gig extra interface is having some problems. Something else you’ll notice is that it’s now no longer possible to offer a gig extra without adding at least 1 day to the delivery time. Bah… I contacted customer support and they said that they’re aware of the problem and are working to fix it.


Yes, that 1 day+ for every extra is really frastuating. For example- I don’t need 1 day extra to provide my 12 hours extra fast delivery.


I reported this last week as well, and I just noticed it is fixed now


This is still ongoing, customers are asking how much commercial licenses are even though it was listed and now creating a custom order I can’t add a commercial license with it or any other extras…