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Extras not visible on gig page

Hello Fiverr staff and community!

I’d like to understand why are the extras not visible on a gig page? A customer can only see (and think about) extras, once he/she made the selection of the package. It would be great if a customer would be able to see extras, and decide what he wants to order. Once they committed to an order, they know how much they’d spend. And that is the point when they are slapped with extras. “Oh sh*t, I did not want to spend more” and move on.

Also, when I am making an offer, I can’t see the price of the extras, sometimes buyers are just lazy, and want me to send an offer. I don’t want to overcharge them, and I can’t remember the price of all extras at all my 20 gigs. I always have to go to edit mode, and see the price for myself.

To recap:

  1. Why extras are not visible on the gig page
  2. Why I can’t see the prices of the extras when creating an offer?



I always have to click on the gig as if I’m going to purchase it when I’m not just to see the extras, to see if what I want is available. I doubt if most people do this. They probably just move on when they don’t see the extra they want.