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Extra's ordered during gig pause gig and ask additional informatoin

Extra’s ordered during gig pause gig and ask additional information like it does when you initially have an order placed. I think this would be helpful to be able to provide additional questions if an extra is ordered. Thoughts? Right now I just provide that information in my general order saying something that “and if extra so and so was ordered provide this info.” but it would be nice to separate that info and have the gig paused so that it gives the buyer time to provider that info rather than days ticking down while the seller may need that information to complete the gig in that time duration. That an option to turn it on or off depending on the gig as obviously it wouldn’t be needed for every type of gig out there.

It would be nice in some instances to have a pause feature. Maybe it could be mutually agreed upon by buyer and seller so no one takes advantage on either side. I can think of some cases where Someone has ordered my gig and a pause feature would come in handy.