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Extremely Aggressive and Rude Seller

So I purchased a $10 gig to make a 120 word in her words a short but snappy script for a video I’m trying to make for my charity I’ve founded she also put in the gig is included basic topic research (so in this case Food Poverty in the UK).

Anyway it came to delivery and to be quite frank it was ok (not amazing but OK) but what really annoyed me is how she didn’t research the topic in the slightest and also she deliberately used terminology that unneccessarily extended the word count e.g. using the words Human Beings instead of People. Or instead of mentioning the town name as my target audience is this region she mentioned, Town, Province and Country/Continent.

I messaged her asking why she did this and it felt a bit disingenuous and then after that and leaving the feedback as a generous 3 stars out of 5. She bombarded me with about 35 messages in 15 minutes demanding I remove my feedback please see examples (note I’ve removed the sellers name to keep this professional)

Please accept the cancellation and dont spoil my good reputation online
08:15July 22, 2016

Ive sent the cancellation on the order page. Kindly accept the cancellation and dont you ever contact me again, Youve just spoilt my mood
08:18July 22, 2016

You didnt even contact me before placing an order
08:19July 22, 2016

Please accept the cancellation. Im waiting
08:20July 22, 2016

Are you there? Please just accept the cancellation on the order page. Thanks
08:27July 22, 2016

It goes on after I replied saying she is being aggressive and it is unacceptable all I wanted was an answer as to why she didn’t do any topic research and filled up the word count with nonsense.

If you dont accept the cancellation now i will report you to fiverr
11:34July 22, 2016

Just accept the cancellation on the order page
Reported 11:35July 22, 2016

Just accept the cancellation and go. You cant spoil my online reputation
Reported 11:35July 22, 2016

So I tried to calm the aggression and then received even more I eventually reported her to Fiverr

Since you are not satisfied all you need to do is request for a refund and not leave a negative review
Reported 11:36July 22, 2016

Okay im not interested in answering your questions. Please just remove the negative review, its not a must i work with you.
Reported 11:43July 22, 2016

You have the right to request for cancellation and not leave a negative review. You see i have other clients that will leave a good rating for my work, if you dont like the work why cant you ask for a refund? Its as simple as that
Reported 11:44July 22, 2016

You told me to write something short and snappy which ive written so what else do you want? I dont have time for stories here, kindly accept the cancellation, no worries and hard feelings
Reported 11:47July 22, 2016

Kindly go to your order page and accept the cancellation right now!!!
Reported 11:52July 22, 2016

This person is nuts! The first person like it I’ve come across and the question remains how can Fiverr allow a crooked system in place that means if you get a refund you have to remove negative feedback so other customers do not know to avoid this nut case?

If I was at your place, I’ll change my 3-star review to 1-star.

I am sorry to hear about your experience. This is a very unprofessional approach I would suggest to report this user behaviour to customer support.
If she is sending you messages you will see a “Report” button on the bottom of the message.
Click it and it should prevent her from contacting you again.

Cue psycho strings! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just had a similar experience, someone trying to get me to help them sell a domain, they tried telling me it was evaluated at $1000 USD, on further investigation all they did was use some dodgy free evaluation site, I mean it wasn’t even a .com site, it was .net one and was parked! So it was worth $100 USD tops yet this loon was trying to flog it for 10 times the amount! He got to the point where he was just annoying, so I told him I had enough and wasn’t interested in arguing with, let alone helping him anymore, and wished him all the best, he then continued to send me message after message trying to convince me he knew wtf he was talking about and that it was worth what he said, he then admitted and I quote:

“Not even my domain, just want to enlighten you more on understanding it than been persimistic about ********”."

So he basically just admitted it wasn’t even his domain and wasted both our times, so I just said yawn, go away I don’t care, then he just kept going on with this:

Him u agree

Are you delusional? You just admitted that it’s not even your domain, after all that, listen crazy town, go annoy someone else, I’m blocking you!

Hello. That is my domain. You applied for the gig i posted rty. I wanted u to think out of the box.

Nd agree. So if you are interested u let me knw and let me order ur gig, if nt F.OFF

Yeah buddy I’m really interested in helping you after you told me to F.OFF, seriously some ppl really need to take and stay on their meds! :stuck_out_tongue:

On further investigation I found out he was from Nigeria, now I don’t want to stereotype but after going through all that, it figures! LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d just report him for using naughty words. Not that it will do anything!

You seller’s not the brightest bulb in the box. Any fule no that the best way to give a refund here is to make it sound like you’re doing the other party a favor, not whine about their reviews. Or sent a million messages going on about it.

Seller, if you’re reading this: you dun goofed.

*I do not advocate giving refunds unless the buyer is being a grade-A asshat and it’s a $5 gig. Not worth the effort, but worth a spot of light manipulation to get rid of.

Hahahaha, seriously? The report button is a placebo. You know how many times I’ve reported my Internet-haters and then a day or two later they magically become un-reported and can send me messages again? Every time.

That’s too bad James sorry to hear that. Mine works like a charm and I have never had issues with it. Yours might be bugged. I would suggest to get in touch with CS to see if it works properly.

Mine doesn’t work either.

I agree with Emmaki. Your seller doesn’t communicate well at all and should be happy to get the 3 star review based on what you said she delivered.

On reflection I wish I left a 1 star review but c’est la vie!

This is the script provided to me like I said it was bloody awful imo look at how they loaded the script

Written by **********
Script for Nifties.
Human beings struggled to make ends meet on a daily basis.
To make ends meet, they need to work very hard.
However human beings are faced with lack of good food to eat.
Food poverty is a complex issues in part of the UK and some parts of the world.
That’s why Nifties is established to help solve Food waste and food poverty.
Introducing Nifties, a Charity foundation established to tackle food poverty in the United Kingdom.
We are a social supermarket and our food price is affordable starting from lowest price of 10 pence and maximum of 70 pence.
Food poverty is an alarming situation in Dover Kent, United Kingdom.
This is an ongoing project and we need your support to take this project to the next level.
Please kindly spread to the word across to your friends and families.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mine works, but not perfectly. I think that really is the case for most users if not all. Mine sometimes works on the first try but not always. The original msg will pop back up a day later and be unreported or the person will send a second message and that pops up unreported. I don’t think I’ve seen it fail on the second try, although it’s possible.

I’m sure I haven’t seen it fail on the third try. i would also suggest submitting a ticket and I’ll also send a link to this post to the staff that help with the forum. Sometimes they can get a message to dev to check something.

That’s when it works, I tried blocking someone yesterday (the guy I mentioned further down) and he was still able to send me messages, so I had to file a complaint with CS!

I tried blocking him but it didn’t work, so I had to notify CS, seems to have stopped now, thankfully! :slight_smile:

That’s bad. I agree it’s one star worthy.

LOL…you paid $10 for this? This looks like it was written by an 8-year old :smiley:

Some customers are really nice people. It is sellers like these that drive them away, which affects the rest of us.

Wow, Naff123. You get that, and abuse hurled your way.

I’m feeling generous though because a buyer I liked tipped me pretty well for a rush delivery. Let me see if I can re-write that into something coherent for you, free of charge:

Script for Nifties

Today, people in the United Kingdoms are in a constant struggle just to make ends meet on a weekly basis.

To do that, though, they often have to work themselves very hard, often to the bone for little reward.

This creates a problem, because with little to no budget, with their money going to other bills, people often have a lack of good, quality food to eat to maintain their health.

Food poverty is a complex issue in many parts of the United Kingdoms, and in other places all around the world.

This is why Nifties is an established organization to that’s designed to help solve Food Waste and combat Food Poverty.

Introducing Nifties: A Charity Foundation that was established to help combat these problems in the United Kingdoms [Could be Merged with above]

We are a social supermarket that has an easily affordable price range for anyone’s budget, down to 10pence, and upwards to 70 pence. Located in Dover Kent, we are dedicated to this ongoing project to help feed others in the United Kingdom, but we need your support to help take this project to the next level.

Please help us by spreading the word among your friends, families, and any other charity organizations that you think will be willing to help us in our goal. We thank you all for your time, and consideration, and hope with your help to end Food Poverty.

There we go. Hope that’s good for a first draft. Probably not as good as some others can help you with, but I like to think it’s leagues more coherent than what you paid for.