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Extremely Cheap Buyers

Okay… so I get a message from a potential buyer who wants to know my cost for 19 articles - the total word count is more than 23K. I give him the price of $250, which I think is fairly reasonable.

This client is looking to pay just $100 for all 23,000 words to be rewritten. That’s not even a cent per word is it?

Just WOW!

Either this client is going to need to up his budget or he needs to realize that maybe all at once isn’t a good idea… Of course, I am sure that he’ll find someone to do those articles for $100… But I certainly wouldn’t.

I do wish I could have charged him for all the copying and pasting I had to do to give him the word count and price… It took me at least 10 to 15 minutes to do. That time could have been spent on writing and pushing out another article for an actual client. sigh!

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It is up to you to set this buyer straight and do not hold back words. Be professional and polite but firm.

What I love is when I get a buyer who sends me a message and says something like

“How much would it cost and how long will it take” without knowing anything about the work.

I had a buyer who wanted to pay $200 for 50,000 words. In the buyer requests, there are people who are offering to pay $5 for a 10,000 word book. Cheapskates all over the place.

Reply to Emeraldawnn I had this very same one yesterday…geez!
That guy’s phishing,

I get this every once in a while, someone looking for a deal (as if Fiverr wasn’t enough of a deal!) - I simply set them straight (permission to use info below):

“Thank you for your inquiry about the gigs I provide. Please keep in mind that 20% of the gig goes to Fiverr and an additional 17% to pay taxes on the remaining amount. We all have to do our part to keep business flourishing; thank you for understanding and I look forward to your order and of course, working with you. Cheers!”

The things we have to deal with these buyers!

I paid $40 for 10k words once, but it was a story, that’s a lot easier to write than 19 articles. You’re right, that buyer is cheap. Just tell him to order one article, if he gives you 5-stars, then tell him to order 5 more. If he wants 19 right away, be afraid. What if he demands a refund? Imagine all that time spent writing and then you get nothing. I suppose you could save those articles and sell them to others, but me? I write to get paid. :slight_smile:

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Yeah… I’m not writing for my health (well, I guess technically I am) but I write to get paid. I offered that suggestion but I suppose his budget was only $100 for the entire 19 lot. He never did come back so I say thank goodness. I have enough on my plate. I have 3 orders that last an entire month because of the nature of the project. I am so not worried about those 19 articles for next to nothing…

Woke up to 2 more articles this morning. I’m good! :smiley:

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What’s horrible is they will probably find someone to do it :frowning:

Recently someone asked me to proofread a novel of 80,000+ words, in 3 days, for $10. I sh*t you not.

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I just tell them I’m not a “cheap” writer because I do high quality work…and that I’m not for everyone. And then I move on.

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10-15 minutes to give him a word count and price? What am I missing here?

Also, when someone wants to order that many articles at once, maybe it’s best to have them just order one so that you can both know if the buyer will truly be satisfied with your work.

Happens on both sides. I posted a request in which I explained exactly what I need, what is the price and timeframe. Couple of people responded but this one guy that didnt respond there but sent a direct message said he could do anything I need.

Alright, I thought and sent extremely detailed request of what I need with conditions. 12 messages of bollocks and dumb messages later (such as: he needs to analyze the problem and yadayda - I told exactly what I need; its a super simple gig; what is there to analyze?!) he says he wants more money.

What a noob. I am not mad at all, and not baffled by the fact that he wasted both mine and his time trying to get more money (even though the budget was clear from the very start and I saw this thing done hence I know that for a normal programmer this task is 15 lines of code max done probably in less than 10 minutes). I am baffled by the sheer stupidity. Does he really thinks I would go forth with it once he signals he doesnt really know what he should be doing. When called up on it he got silent and after a while responded that the charge is for the skill, not actual work. He sat on that one for a while :slight_smile:
I agree though, his argument makes sense. Just still doesnt apply to him given that he either directly show that he doesnt know what the task is after 2 very detail explanations or purposefully wastes time of buyers to extort more money.

I wish I could leave a review or report with print screen of all messages.

sometimes i also got some buyers like that. I had a buyer who contacted me for a custom animation video ( he wants everything is customised from script to music ). That animation will cost at least 500$ but he said his budget is 100$ and no more. I offered another option that will be suitable to his budget but he said No.
That kind of buyer is not a potential buyer. They are not poor but they just don’t want to pay more because they think this is Fiverr and all sellers here will work with any price.

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Reply to @steveeyes: I get those too.

Or a request for a suspense erotica story (linked to my family friendly short story gig), 35,000 words, to be done within 6 days, for $25.

Reply to @steveeyes: That’s pretty much what he said. I’m like seriously… for 23K words you expect to pay $100… no thank you! Move along! :smiley:

Reply to @russflex: This is totally unrelated but I see your posts in the forum a lot and every time I see the small thumbnail of your photo, I think “There’s a priest on Fiverr?!” Ahhah I just had to share that. The button on your shirt looks like a clerical collar to me. :slight_smile:

Reply to @marketman: You know I like that… I already tell them about the $1 Fiverr gets but I always fail to worry about the taxes part. I’m def. going to be using that. Thanks Marketman.

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Reply to @alliemadison12: This is hilarious. I thought the exact same thing and then scrolled some more and found your comment. hahahaha.

Much respect to you though sir @russflex . Your picture just made me think the same thing allie said haha :smiley:

Reply to @alliemadison12: Sorry for dressing professionally for my photo.