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Extremely Disappointed on Fiverr platform

Hello all fiver senior sellers we need your help, its almost 2 month now gone we are not getting proper orders here on fiverr.

We have test every method like to upload gig with best title,best description and picture but all in all fiverr never recommended our gigs up till yet.

We are not understanding at which criteria fiverr recommend gigs from new section, we have seen so many gigs which are not very professional neither their designs and their works look professional but still fiverr is recommending them.

In our view getting gig recommendation is all about luck, We read many post here where every focus to share gigs and so on.

In our view on this Fiverr platform on those sellers gets a lot of orders who are either in higher ratting or in recommended section with in first 2 pages.

Please guide us and tell us where we are lacking where we are doing mistake since its almost 2 months now gone we still not starting proper orders here on fiverr.

We shall be very thankful to all of you senior sellers if you guide us. thanks.