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Extremely Disappointed

Many times my buyers dont include important info in their orders (they skip the instructions simply I thnk). So I write them back and ask them for specifics, for example “what text do you want on your picture”, (I had my orders set on delivery in one day before, I will explain why this wasnt working). Then they dont reply for a couple of days, in some cases they reply when the order reads “LATE DELIVERY”. Sometimes they dont reply and the order reads LATE DELIVEry - so I request a cancellation, because I cant deliver an order when I dont know what to deliver.

This time I waited and wiated for the buyers response, and when the order hit LATE DELIVERY I requested for a cancellation. The buyer then DECLINED my cancellation request, and immediately ater him declining MY reqwuest to cancel, he cancelled the order himself (due to late delivery) and that gave me a NEGATIVE review.

Is this the way it’s supposed to be? Had I just delivered somthing using the “delivery” button I wouldn’t have gotten a bad review. Had I not been patient and waited for his response and cancelled immediately before the LATE DELIVERY deadline, I wouldn’t have gotten a bad review.

I am tring to be good to my customers, polite, wait patiently for their reply, and for that I am being punished.

Now in the future I will not be patient, if they dont include info in their orders I will just cancel immediately, even if it results in angry ustomers

You don’t need to just cancel, there is a nudge button when you have not been left with any instructions.

On your gig, where it states “instruction for buyer”, you need to make sure you tell them what you need to do the gig.

This is posted to a buyer as soon as they order. That is what gets nudged if they don’t follow that.

I know this. There was no nudge button as he had not left the order completely EMPTY, only just not included the info I was asking. A buyer can write “Hi” in the instructions field and it will still “count” as instructions because the system cant tell the difference.

Meaning that the time starts to tick and I either have to deliver (not to get “order deliver late”) or I have to cancel.

I feel this is unfair because I tried to work it out with him (giving him a choice to purchase my gig extra) which he didn’t want and when I initiated a cancellation to give him his money back, he declined it just to be able to cancel the order himself and in that way leave me with a negative review, a review I would never have received if he had just accepted my cancellation.

What is the point of refusing a cancellation initiated by the buyer if you are to cancel the order yourself the minute after you’ve refused the first cancellation? There is no point, except for the point of leaving a negative review.

Even speaking as a buyer who has more than once not given any or enough info to the seller to start or complete work, I can say that I truly do feel bad for sellers. Every time a buyer orders a gig, it’s a seller crap shoot; i.e. the buyer may not give adequate - or any - required instructions, the buyer may not be pleased and thus give negative feedback, the buyer may cancel, or even like I recently did - the buyer may even forget that he placed an order (though, fortunately for the seller, Fiverr goes ahead and marks an order complete after a certain amount of time)!

I understand why sellers want the same ability to “feedback” buyers as well. Equality is good.

Actually, it was for reasons such as these that I gave up being a seller myself.

It all seems to be a reverse of Ebay, where most times the buyer must beware of what the seller does.

But even direct face-to-face selling has it pitfalls for buyer and seller. I do agree, though, that sellers on Fiverr should not be penalized as deeply as they are for things such as cancellations. Perhaps buyers should be bad marked as well for how many cancels they initiate.