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Extremely frustrated


Over 6mths on Fiverr I’m extremely frustrated no sales at all


I am afraid your profile doesn’t show any gig :frowning:


“I am rubbish!”

You asked for this with the clickbait and no payoff.

@blaisefaint Your help is needed here.


Dear Ms. World:

Imagine you need an attorney for a cut and paste job.

Attorney A will do the job for $500, but has no phone number, email, web page, office, or gigs available on Fiverr.

The other Attorney, Mason Perry, will do the job for $10,000, because he is reachable via Fiverr 24/7.

Which attorney do you choose?

Good luck,

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Rapturous Applause for the adaptation of the attorney tale


This sounds like a case for Angela!

Alternatively, The A Team

Or KNIGHTRIDER. Sorry–I am lost in 80s theme tune heaven.


Well the fact that you don’t have a gig ready ( and complaining about not getting sales) is one
thing, you thinking of offering a proofreading gig is another problem.
It says in your description “proof read up to 500 words, type up to 500 words, write very short stories etc” but just from the very short sentence you left up there gives me the feeling that shouldn’t be offering such gigs…


Oh, the 80’s.
For me, my “80’s tune heaven” will be The Police Academy and Beverly Hills Cop.
And oh, the Jem theme song. I never really saw that TV show, but a lot of my classmates
were watching it. I was personally scared by Jem’s heavy makeup and her hair though…
Truly truly outrageous, I must say.


Better call Saul!