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Extremely rude buyer who wanted me to work for free at first, pays next to nothing for my gig, then says he's disappointed


First of all, I hope everyone’s doing okay!

So…I’m currently dealing with an extremely rude and conceited buyer whose latest message informed me that my work was “disappointing, given the price”. “The price” was extremely low by the way, and I did work hard (I’ll explain the details in a second, pls bear with me). As you can imagine, I’m honestly having trouble resisting the urge to fire off a biting reply, so, instead of responding immediately, I’m gonna ask for advice here (or ya know, rant :joy: :rage:).

This guy first contacted me five months ago asking about a series of articles he wanted me to translate, saying he needed “the best quality”, and demanding that I translate a LONG paragraph FOR FREE so that he could “assess my skills”. I clearly refused, because, let’s face it, I charge next to nothing for what I do, so I’m not gonna get scammed on top of that. He replied saying that since he has no way of knowing if I’m competent or not, he is not interested. Good riddance.


A few days later he shows up again (yes, my bad, I shouldn’t have replied at all) saying he wants me to translate an article, he asks for the price, doesn’t complain about it (and had previously told me that “the price is not a problem”). He also, probably thinking I am completely incompetent, asks me if I KNOW WHAT A KEYWORD IS AND HOW TO WORK WITH THEM. Yes, I know what a keyword is. I work with them. He is being EXTREMELY condescending and borderline rude the whole time.

I explain that I don’t translate for free, but that he can read all the positive reviews on my page (and I’ve only ever gotten 5 star reviews, that’s why I’m so upset), that I have worked with the same kind of content before (it’s tourism and advertisement), and I know how to handle it (I resisted the urge to scream and kept it very polite when…), he said “alright, anyway I think that these reviews are worth very little” (then why the - are you here? To pay as little as you can to get what you want. Alright, as always. Anyway.)

I do the job in 2 days instead of 5, deliver, he immediately “asks for a revision” even though he has NO revisions available BEFORE he even reads the document, saying he will “review it and get back to me”. He takes 2 days and a half to do so, then comes back to tell me, and writes this, and I quote:

"Hello, translation reviewed, honestly, I expected a much higher quality given the cost. I still accept the order but I am a little disappointed. Anyway, send me the file again and we’ll close the matter on that."

Let’s point out that he paid 35 dollars. As we all know that means I get 30 from Fiverr before taxes. So, I’m getting less than 30 dollars to translate an article that took me nearly SIX hours to finish, because I triple checked everything, and made sure to translate in an effective way since the content is promoting some bike tour. Tourism and advertisement always take a long time and require serious skills imo, and I’ve worked with this kind of content many times before and done a great job (according to the clients), but ANYWAY. All the energy and time I put into this gets me…some uncalled-for comments that are very hard to swallow, and he will probably leave a bad review no matter what I do next.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m SO tempted to just tell him to…, BUT we all deal with these HERCULEAN clients (as another seller once said), and that’s why I’m winding down and asking you all for advice.

I’m aware that CS probably won’t do anything. I don’t really have a choice here but take whatever review Mr. Entitled leaves. I’m not trying to brag, but I AM good at what I do, I got a degree, I have experience, I did my research, and I definitely DID deliver a translation that is worth much more than that, and that deserves more that a sh- comment and a “Given the price, I’m disappointed”.

I know I should wait, calm down, ask him what the problem was (probably that I didn’t want to work for free, honestly), and …a…polo…gize…since he’s not satisfied with my work?..oh that’s gonna be a hard pill to swallow…I realize I should be calm and polite, but all I wanna do right now is tell him to…well, you can imagine. I DON’T WANT to apologize for doing my job right.

So, thank you if you’re still reading and for bearing with me, and sorry for such a long rant. The question is: should I just re-deliver without saying anything, or write the “calm and polite” version of my comment and see what he does? What do I do if(when) he leaves a bad review?
Is it even worth contacting CS, since they’re most likely not gonna help me? There SHOULD be a ban option or a way for sellers not to get treated like this. I understand we need to be civil and level headed even when our clients are NOT, but we’re human too, we do get upset when we’re treated like this.

Please, if you have a few minutes, let me know what you think about this whole situation. I could really use some advice here.

Thank you so much and my thoughts are with all my fellow sellers who are currently dealing with not only a pandemic, but also these herculean buyers. :joy:

Stay safe everyone, and thanks for reading.



Re-deliver the order. Once the order is complete, you can block this buyer from contacting you or purchasing your services again. I would respond to his review once he posts it with your side of the story. Don’t let one nasty client ruin your experience.


Thank you. Yes, that’s probably the only think I can do. Should I even say anything when I re-deliver or just send the file…?

I would just say, “Thanks for your order. Here is the second delivery of the original file as per your request. Have a nice day.”

That way, if he tries to say he asked for revisions that you didn’t provide you have covered yourself.


Added to what @ducktheunicorn said

The app appears to block better than desktop.

Bear in mind that red flags like this one are bound to cause trouble. I have a “sorry can’t help you with this” quick response ready for those … or you can just respond that you’re too busy elsewhere. You don’t have to accept orders from ****heads …


This also happened to me in the past. A buyer continued to press the “Ask for a revision” button without ever providing specific feedback, only saying that “He needed to review it but he had no time”.

Side note: he also had only 5 revisions available, but somehow was able to request reviews at least 7 times, which I don’t know how is possible. Any clarifications on this would also be appreciated :sweat_smile:

The back and forth went on for more than a month.The buyer was carefully requesting for a review 2 days and 23 hours after each delivery, just to make sure he could gain as much time as possibile.

When a buyer now asks for a revision without providing qualified feedback, I just tell them that I only accept actionable revisions, and deliver the same output again :slight_smile:


I definitely should have seen the red flags… :roll_eyes: Thanks for the app tip!

I would politely tell them that I’m sorry that they’re disappointed, and that I’m delivering the file again, as requested.

For future reference, when I see red flags (like asking for anything for free), I politely tell them that I’m sorry, but I’m not a good match for their needs. If they then mention something about expecting high quality, I politely respond that I don’t feel confident that what I can deliver would be of high enough quality for their needs. And so on, until I convince them to go and try with someone else.


From what I’ve read and from what other sellers have said, no matter how many revisions you offer, buyers can still ask for revisions over and over anyway, until they accept the delivery…which is…definitely unfair, but also not surprising tbh :joy: :roll_eyes:

Why they don’t just wait until they can review it instead of asking for random, no-feedback revisions is beyond me…

How did it go on for more than a month? Because I’d like more time to figure this out, but my timer still shows the order is due in the same number of hours as before. :sleepy:

I’ll probably suck it up, take SEVERAL deep breaths :sweat_smile: :rofl:, and try to be as polite as I can when I reply.


I LOVE this technique. :rofl: “I don’t feel confident that what I can deliver would be of high enough quality for their needs” is brilliant and definitely cheered me up! Can I borrow it next time I have to deal with someone like that? :laughing:


It’s up to you how many revisions you offer. If they go over that, offer them an extra. The revision button says “revision” not “free revision”.

Set up your buyer requirements carefully - you may find this post very helpful indeed:

Adapt it for your own use.


That’s brilliant! I never thought of it that way. I don’t think I ever had problems with anyone abusing the revisions, but I’ll keep that up my sleeve just in case.


If the first delivery is on time, then the order will not be marked as “late” anymore. So if a buyer asks for a revision, in terms of delivery timeline you should be fine even if the timer shows the “late” notice.

So, if buyers like these have unlimited reviews, then I guess an order could easily continue well beyond one month… and for sure this is what would have happened to me, if I didn’t tell the buyer that since he was not satisfied with the delivery, I would have been happy to offer him a full refund :slight_smile:

And it took me more than a deep breath to swallow that, but at the end it was the right thing to do


Of course! And feel free to add to it as much as necessary! :smile_cat:


My best advice to you: never ever accept to work with someone who wanted to convince you to work for free in the first place. From my experience, if a person don’t respect your work or you as a professional at his/her first approach, he/she will never will. Accepting to work with a person like that will be an open door to exploitation in most of the cases.


You’re very right. Never again. :triumph:


I have got an order I deliver two time but in message box he asked me to cancel the order I cancel because I don`t need any bad review.
My question is why some buyers cheat?
First they want sample then cancel the order​:cry::cry::cry::cry:

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Should’ve blocked him from this moment.

Because sellers let them do it.


I’m sorry you’re facing such a situation. Quite frankly, any condescending or “Peacocking” type of client is an instant red flag for me and I just politely refuse since I don’t do Fiverr full time.

I know a less than 5-star review feels like a nasty sting, especially when it’s unreasonable. Remember that it’s not what will define your gig quality and sooner than later you’ll have a few of those.

I’d say it’s an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to customer care by responding to the review professionally (i.e. Thank you for your feedback. I regret that you feel the work wasn’t to your satisfaction. I made sure to address your requirements… etc.). Don’t go on the defensive or offensive. Assert what you did on your own end to meet their requirements and address any issues. Remember that people will read your reply. What you say and how you say it will matter to them.