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Extremely Serious Bug: Warning You Are Late in Delivering Your Order

Right, Fiverr is a psychopath and finally, I have the proof.

I have just had the most hellish weekend on Fiverr ever. On Friday, I was supposed to go out in the evening. I was severely delayed in that because of a few client revision requests and then suddendly, just as I was ready to head out the door, I have an order appear in my to do list which needs to be delivered in 2-hours.

Where the hell did that come from?

Stupidly, I assumed that I had somehow missed this order. This being the case, I sat down, I got it ready and the customer left a 5-star review. My to do list then showed no work deliverable for 2-days which was fine with me because Saturday, I was supposed to be visiting someone. Low and behold though, on Saturday morning, I am met with a warning email from Fiverr saying that I have failed to deliver an order and when I check, it is an order from the same client the order which had appeared out of no-where the day before had came from.

This was an order for 1-day delivery worth $75 and I could not do it. I could have if I had sat down right then but they had paid for 1-day delivery, this was obviously not going to happen and my thought was that they had placed a regular order for 3-day delivery but then bought my extra fast 1-day delivery extra just before the first day was up. In this case, I decided that I didn’t want to work with such a person. All this being the case, I told the buyer I had no idea what was going on and requested cancellation.

Then, I realized that I did not have the day free anyway as I had another order which had appeared out of nowhere counting down which I had to stay up all night getting ready.

And then today happens! i stayed up all night getting revsions done because today was pretty hugely important to me and I needed it free. I had no orders due until tomorrow. I am supposed to be on a bus right now attending a really serious event. But low, what is this?

I am walking my dog and I get a notification from Fiverr that I am yet again late in delivering an order which has come out of nowhere from someone. Also. it’s a pretty big video and writing order which I can’t just not get on or cancel.

So. It seems that buyers who order 1-day delivery ARE NOT having orders show up at all until they are late. Either this or buyers are having orders which they have placed upgraded suddenly to 1-day delivery without their knowledge. - I say this as the second order like this which I canceled, the buyer told me they had no idea why their order was suddenly expected to be delivered in 1-day.

Now this is actually a big thing as I might joke about the lack of sleep with Fiverr at times but I feel physically sick at the moment knowing that my day is yet again completely ruined and I am going to have to stay up all night again fulfilling an order which I will likely get marked down on for delivering late.

Needs fixing Fiverr…


The same thing happened to one of my friend.

To add on to this, I have just found 1 more order which is active and has had all information supplied by the buyer and which I do remember being notified of and seeing in my to-do list but which for some reason now doesn’t appear there. If I had not checked my email notifications, I would not have found this in either the dashboard or active order section. Now I can and this order won’t be late but this means that there is a serious issue with orders not appearing like they should in user dashboards.

Beware of this as my delivered on time ratio has just dropped by 5% over 3 days because of this.

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@cyaxrex I noticed you were not around this weekend. I missed you.

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I have had orders appear that are due in a few hours too that I never saw before. It doesn’t happen often but has been happening for a couple of months. These are orders I never got any notifications about. All my gigs but one offer one day delivery. I’ve never had one show up late so far. I’m glad it’s not just me this is happening to. I always have to apologize for not responding to their order before it is almost due.

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Can confirm I also have this issue and that Fiverr tech staff were looking into it. Hoping they solve this quickly. If I was you I’d definitely post a bug report with your information in case it can assist them in fixing it

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I had the same issue. I did contact customer support a couple of times but they said that the issue was fixed for me (which isn’t completely fixed). From what I found out, is that if you write a message once you get a notification that an order has been made, the order appears in the queue.

@misscrystal strange, as I always get the notifications, but the order doesn’t appear in my queue, and if I have more than 10 orders at the time.

Customer support told me to always click on the “Sales in Queue” tab, from which you will be able to find all of the orders.

Hopefully, they will patch it soon.


I had this problem a few times as well. The thing is the orders don’t appear on my to do list, but when I go to Selling -> Orders (Manage Sales page), they all show up. I use only this page since then. Try it like this. Maybe there is an issue with the Dashboard page.


I can confirm this. Some orders just don’t appear on to do list and you need to go to manage sales page…

Also, there is another issue with orders. Sometimes it show wrong timing on it.

For example, few days ago I had one order that was showing 3h till deadline, refreshed the page, it showed 13h deadline (that was correct one).


One thing I found that helped me to try and avoid this issue is to go into the orders page and go to the “NEW” tab and just open each of the orders in your browser in separate tabs. Once the orders had been opened they all appeared in the ToDo list for me

That being said, this needs to be fixed

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Yes, I’ve had the same experience a few times. I once had 3 orders marked late back in February because of this recurring bug. As others have said, it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s incredibly frustrating and stressful. Checking the “NEW” Orders tab seems to be the best remedy to avoid being surprised.